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  1. I've not got time to package and post it sorry mate, too busy at work.🙂👍
  2. Price now reduced to £30. 🙂👍
  3. @TomsFocusHa ha, I know mate, I thought someone would snap it up. I really can't be bothered posting it to be honest, too much messing about with work commitments. 🙂👍
  4. Hi all, been having a sort out and came across my K&N I was running in my Focus Zetec S 1.6 EcoBoost. Grab yourself a bargain - £40 collection only from Runcorn, Cheshire. Check for yourselves but as far as I know these are fitted in the mk3 1.6 EcoBoost, ST and RS models and other Focus, C-Max and Kuga models too. It's the same fitment as the e-2993 but this has the removable side bung. You can check vehicle fitment here - https://www.knfilters.co.uk/e-2993-replacement-air-filter This is the same filter that comes in the 57s-4000 kit bit without the K&N replacement airbox lid. It has a removable bung on the end for added induction noise, it sounds great! EDIT - PRICE REDUCED, WILL TAKE £30 COLLECTION ONLY. 🙂👍
  5. Hi all, been a while since I've been active on here after selling the Focus Zetec S. I've had a new shape Nissan X-Trail for a while but sold that when I started my new job that I have a van for. Anyway, long story short I'm now looking to sell my wifes Fiesta to change up to a latest facelift C-Max to fit us all in a bit better, the only trouble is now that I've seen the Sport model that is not available in the UK the Zetec and Titanium models look boring. Im considering replicating the Sport model, I've found some Focus ST alloys that look similar and the rear spoiler but not the side skirts or rear diffuser. I'm wondering if Ford have just colour coded the standard fit black plastic skirts along with the front and rear lower bumpers? Can anyone help with this please as I can't find them anywhere. Thanks.🙂👍 Standard Titanium below -
  6. Cut the grass earlier as it was way overdue and another week of rain forecast here so thought I'd better get it done. Had a couple of hours chilling on the settee now I'm off to the gym to pump iron, well, rubber coated metal of some description anyway!
  7. Where did you put the cranberry? Just asking as we've had two uses for it in this thread!🤣
  8. I'm spending the day on the settee, I'm knackered!!! 😴
  9. It doesn't seem to be common at all, in fact, I cant find anything about other people experiencing the same problems with the gearbox. I'm in a bit of a dispute with the company at the minute (Bristol Street Motors) as the dealership I bought the car from said they wont cover the insurance excess waiver cost on the courtesy car and then I will also have to pay local toll road fees for back and forth to the garage. It only totals around £20 but after spending £17k on the car and finding it to be faulty after only 2 weeks of ownership I'm not paying 1p in additional costs. I've told them I will return the car for a full refund as it was unfit for purpose within 30 days of ownership. It has been escalated through head office as a formal complaint now and I am awaiting them to get in touch with either a compensation offer or to collect the car and issue a refund.
  10. Ooops, Should've gone to Specsavers!😂
  11. I dont like that my new (used) car needs a new gearbox! I know, it's my fault for buying a Nissan X-Trail lol but it's rather annoying on a 67 plate with 24k on the clock. The box is to be replaced under warranty but a couple of people have said they would insist on a new clutch being fitted too. I had thought about that but I dont think I've got much of an argument for it to be done have I? The fault with the box is that 1st to 2nd isn't the smoothest sometimes and 2nd to 3rd crunches at anything over 3000 rpm everytime. Any opinions from all you experts are welcome (about the clutch, not the choice of car lol).🙂
  12. Strap some ballast onto it, that should make it more manageable for you, that's if it even takes off!😂
  13. Wearing her underwear too didn't bother you though?🤣
  14. I hope you get a nice one for your first then mate, wouldn't want you to be repulsed for life and thinking they're all the same! 🤮😂 You could always give the lucky lady a dousing in stripper scent though if you're struggling.😷
  15. Stripper scent for my new motor and cranberry juice for the mrs it is then! 😂
  16. Well obviously I'm going to Google it now!!!😂 Edit Wonder if it works? I've known about guys drinking pineapple juice to make things taste better for years but I had honestly never heard of cranberries for the ladies!
  17. If you haven't already I would wash them with some soapy water and rinse well to make sure the area is neutralised to avoid any damage to the wheel finish whether it be paint or powder coat.
  18. WD40 Is great for removing sticky residues.
  19. Only king and super king are 200cm over here Lenny, single and double are 190cm. I struggle in a double or a single if I'm lying straight, luckily though even though im 6ft5 19 stone I still sleep in the foetal position so get away with it come nap time.😂 https://www.bedandmattress.co.uk/size_guide
  20. This reminded me of my dads Sierra that I passed my test in and ferried my mates around. It had a toggle switch immobiliser, I think back then it was just wired to the coil. Funny that with the factory fitted Thatcham kit a simple hidden DIY affair could protect your car better if the thieves were using the technology to bypass your keyless entry and start.
  21. Probably time for a new window regulator.
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