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  1. It certainly makes the cars look better rather than rusty looking calipers. Do you all reckon it was just a rumour on the forums about someone's insurance not paying out because they didn't declare painted calipers? I've not declared mine but I just repainted them silver so they always look like new.
  2. Nice day out at Gullivers World in Warrington today with my 3yr old daughter and wife. Dodgems were my favourite ride of the day, we went on those twice. The Tea Cups knocked me sick as I span us all round way too fast, my daughter wanted to carry on spinning but she would have been covered in my dinner if I had lol. Even the Pirate Ship sent me queasy, think I definitely need to try some motion sickness tablets next time to be able to fully enjoy the rides. I never realised how sensitive my insides have become as I've got older, I know I don't like being a car passenger for long distances but i never even thought about fair ground rides affecting me. Still, a thoroughly enjoyable family day out and all for £36 for the 3 of us.
  3. Another option to battens are these, this is just a Screwfix link, smaller quantities are available online from other retailers. These are also great for drawers with a ply/hardboard bottom too, just a few along the edge stops the drawer bottom falling out if it's over loaded. https://www.screwfix.com/p/hafele-rear-panel-connectors-100-pack/6079V?tc=LT5&ds_kid=92700024762949010&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249413&ds_rl=1247848&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx5Tl_saT4QIVab7tCh2G_QFaEAQYASABEgKlOfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. If it has a hairline crack the water could be escaping under pressure more like a mist so as it hits the hot engine it would just evaporate leaving no visible trace as you said. You could always tape or cable tie some kitchen roll or cardboard around the expansion bottle once you've topped the water up and then wait and see if it gets soggy. Have you pulled the footwell carpet back and checked underneath for water? The sound insulation will hold a fair bit of water like a big sponge that might not have got through the carpet yet.
  5. I would sell them and get the correct size personally. There are various hub adapters available but they will obviously push the wheel further out too as they are 20 - 25mm thick. https://www.hrsuspension.direct/pages/products/product_info.mhtml?product=113061&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI04GKtp2Q4QIVzrDtCh1cZAeVEAQYASABEgLCYvD_BwE You might need spigot rings too depending on the centre bore size? Check what the bore size is on your alloys because if it's smaller than the adapters then they will not work unless you had them machined to the larger size.
  6. Sounds like your getting a short somewhere. Do you know where the central locking module is located? I confess I know practically nothing about cars but if this were happening on mine I would be checking for any water ingress, cable damage or corrosion on items that could cause this fault whether it be the central locking module or components in the doors themselves. Maybe it's a problem with the keyless signal receiver in that it's sensing you unlock the car but then thinks your walking away again so locks and repeats the cycle? Hopefully one of our resident experts will be able to assist you with some actual knowledge rather than guess work.🙂
  7. I wouldn't silicone the cluster seal unless it's a none setting type. I always seal the clusters with grease, it gives a watertight seal and allows easy removal of the cluster in the future if you need to change a bulb. If you seal the cavity vent you don't need to apply so much silicone that it requires trimming back once cured. Apply it and then smooth with a wet finger, that's all I did below. I had the same problems on my mk3.
  8. Can't you cable tie it in place or drill and screw/bolt it.
  9. Breaker breaker, thats another crazy law, over. Out of the two which would cause most distraction, a mobile phone lifted to your head or a cb radio handset with a big tangled wire attached to it whilst your sporting a ten gallon hat and fake moustache? Unless it's the fact that the cb handset doesn't have to be held to your ear? Comeback y'all over!
  10. How far? I'd say no further than the proverbial piece of string! 🤔
  11. Surely they changed the switch too? Id have thought that would have been the first thing they changed if they were just going to throw a load of parts at it. This Focus had the same symptoms but it turned out to be a software glitch. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/88463-focus-engine-will-not-turn-off/ Major problem in America too albeit newer models https://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/02/ford_recall_software_bug/
  12. It gets my vote!🙂
  13. I'd go for 3 sets just to be extra safe because you never know.......! 😉
  14. Could've been worse, once you got it open you could have then left your keys in the boot and closed it! 😂
  15. Only £1? Result! I always thought it was a £20 minimum spend in Ford's, it usually seems that way! 😀
  16. WES180

    Leaking Boot

    Grease the foam on the rear of the lights to ensure a watertight seal. Check the tailgate hinge and damper fixings. Check water hose for rear wiper spray hasn't split. Check rear wiper arm seal. Check any body panel seam sealer hasn't cracked. Remove cavity vents and refit with a suitable sealant. It's bound to be one of the above. Best thing to do is sit a running hose on the roof and see if you can trace where the water is entering. I know yours is a 2004 but I had this problem on my mk3 too.
  17. Have you not got a torch?🙂 I went out in the dark and rain to take those pics for you. 😉 Find the loom plug, it will be there somewhere, maybe with the missing bit still attached to it.
  18. I know what you meant lol, I'm just using standard Samsung Galaxy internet browser, Google. I read Tapatalk has issues too recently.
  19. Yours above, mine below. If you look at the bolt circled red for a reference point then you will see yours has part missing. Has it broken off? The loom connector must be in that area somewhere. Isn't that it circled above?
  20. No, when I click to choose files it just does nothing sometimes, most times it lets me choose a file. Is there a daily or weekly upload limit?
  21. Is this happening often or just during freezing temperatures? Is your battery charged up enough? All I can find online with your Engine Pending Start message relates to diesel models and the pre heating of the glow plugs. All of the information is on automatic models so it states you must keep your foot on the brake during the message to ensure the glow plugs pre heat properly. I imagine that would be the same as keeping the clutch pressed in a manual model. You say about a click too though so I'm just wondering if the battery has insufficient power to pre heat the plugs and then turn over the engine. Hopefully one of our resident experts will be able to help you.
  22. I don't like when this site doesn't let you upload photo's, it keeps happening lately!