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  1. I'm sorry, you are correct. I thought that you are referring to focus MK1, which in long run can cope with max 125-130bhp. Yours can be tuned to max 150, but I don't know how the DMF and injection system will cope with that as ford used different parts in different models. This engine is no longer bullet proof due to wet belt between the crankshaft and fuel pump. It used to be chain, but ford decided to keep it oiled but used belt cassette instead, hence many belt failures. Injection system is now better than in the old Fords (Delphi), but the EGR is even more of a pain and as I remember it is part of the intake manifold. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. There is a very lengthy discussion about "performance" filters but the main bullet points are: 1. Power or flow increase is none in stock cars (stock= standard turbo, intake, exhaust). 2. Performance filters should be washed and keep moist. Many people found that liquid is deposited over time on the MAF sensor falsifying readings. K&N claims that their liquid does not impact MAF but they agree that most will. 3. Most "induction kits" suck hot air from the engine bay reducing stock power by few %. 1.8 TDCi is an 8 valve engine so I'm not sure how much you want to achieve. I've seen 125bhp but that's probably max you can realistically achieve. Could you explain why you have purchased a 1.8 to spend money to upgrade power instead of buying a 2.0 or 2.2 TDCi? No, this is not a sarcastic question. I'm just interested. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  3. "performance" filters often require special liquid to work correctly. There is an ongoing discussion of impact of this fluid on MAF sensor causing incorrect readings. I've seen a test of three filters : performance, new and used (2 year old). Impact on performance ? None. I would check if all plastic covers on the air box are installed as those boxes don't normally suck leaves. Cars that will do that (C4 as a prime example) will usually have filters with additional fabric underneath. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  4. Bluetooth module help

    What year is your car? Models before 2008 (including 58 plate) are fitted with mono wiring loom and modification of the wiring loom is required to stream music! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  5. Aircon And Cooling Fan/wiring

    I know that this thread is very old and the author didn't come back to state if he resolved it, so I hope the following will help others. Ford between 2006 and 2010 was using very cheap and thin wiring, so it's common to see corrosion on stress points. If you look at the fan control module, which is on the back of the fat (aluminium box with 2 plugs) there is one purple cable. This cable often corrodes or is damaged. It usually corrodes in the trunking running in the beam under the radiator, so it's a good idea to check resistance between the plug on the module and the ECU (for diesel models it requires drilling of the snap bolt to remove the security cover). Here's the most common area where this cable fails: https://mondeo-mk4.de/index.php/Thread/11612-Fehlermeldung-P0691-Kühlerlüftersteuerung-Kurzschluss-nach-Masse/
  6. Mk2 Estate Interior

    Don't want to sound harsh, but what if you are wrong and this bloke is waiting for a new set of £300 seats that will not fit? I'm sure you know that back seats from MKI hatch won't fit MKI estate without modification and even with that modification it's not a perfect fit. I am also very interested in this topic, but want to be 100% sure before making any decisions.
  7. Mk2 Estate Interior

    Are you sure that the back seat from a liftback will fit an estate?
  8. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    Common Rail or TDCI? TDCI was a test field for Ford and Delphi up to around 2006. - TDCI injectors failures that were only resolved in 2006, both in Focus and Mondeo. Famous flashing glow plugs symbol. Delphi and diesel specialist are making fortune - each for £100 minimum. - Delphi fuel pumps up to late 2003 failures due to wrong bearing material (it peels and blocks injectors which have to be replaced as well). Not a TDCI related but what about dual mass fly wheels that fail even at 70k miles? Delphi made a conversion kit to install a standard flywheel with modified cluch, both for Mondeo and now Focus. Forums are full of those so I don't have to prove it. Ford was a pioneer in CR technology so they had to make many mistakes, but is should have taken them less than 4 years to fix them.
  9. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    hillmangimp -I guess your're right but 2.0 consumpion don't prove that 1.8 TDCI is economical. TDDI is older twin brother of TDCI so I compared both to show that going from TDDI to TDCI was a step backwards to Ford, especially that extra power is not very noticeable between both and TDCI is so faulty (injectors, DMF, fuel pump...). VW was just an addition to show that 115 in 2 cars means very different. thesilverfox - I've investigated TDCI consumption before making a decision about keeping my TDCI. I have found that most people struggle to get more than 51 MPG on the run comparing to 65 I am doing in TDDI. We have 3 TDCI Focuses in our company and all 3 are the same. But I decided to keep mine in hope that my driving will help to get more. I must say I am even more disappointed. I hope to get few MPG extra, but it will be no near TDDI.
  10. Focus rear brake conversion

    Great manual. Can you please advice cost of this modification? Can it be added as a sticky or moved to "How to" section?
  11. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    This discussion is about 1.8 TDCI not 2.0 which is different unit. But...my TDDI is doing around 65 MPG on the run and 50 MPG in Basingstoke. Can any 1.8 TDCI beat that? I investigated it and it looks like lucky 1.8 TDCI owners can do around 50 on the run and 40 in town. Anything above that is big advantage. Isn't it bit disappointing for a diesel engine when most developed petrol engines can go around that? And petrol engines don't suffer from expensive injectors, DMF or pump failures. Other thing is that I must say that these extra 25 BHP don't seem to make a big difference. I have both cars and drives them every day and 1.8 TDCI is not that much faster. Brother's 1.9 TDI 115 (the only reasonable) drives like rocket and leaves TDCI far behind... shame :(
  12. What to look out for

    I guess you're talking about the 1.9 engine? One thing made by Italians that actually is really good, I would say the best. BTW - Common Rail was developed by Fiat as well but due to financial problems and lack of optimism that this will ever get popular, CR was sold to Bosch... As a Vauxhall man I should defend them but must agree with you. I would never get a Vectra C.
  13. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    Yes, I know that, but start pressing big button (is it “R”?) when on idle and find that average consumption will change few times and will go down to 5.5MPG. what’s that for? Saved readings from some time period (like last hour, last 3h, last day?) Manual doesn’t say anything about it. Vx trip computer is very easy. Reset every full tank and it will give you an accurate average reading, whereas this one showed 46MPG and real consumption was 40MPG.
  14. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    Quick question. Does anyone have a proper trip computer manual? The one in User manual is crap as there ary many extra options, like when pressing right button, average consumption will change and might go down to 5.5 MPG.
  15. focus 2002 1.6 zetec 79k - oily spark plugs

    What kind of idle problems he has? What do you mean by “oily”? Are th3ey covered in fresh oil? If so, you need to check the rocker cover seal. If they’re black it either means rich mixture or burning oil (or compression problems). What year is it? I would start from checking if there was followers gap adjusted as most of Ford’s engines don’t have hydraulic tappets.