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  1. Fiesta key

    Thanks Tiexen. Where is my nearest Timpsons? (I am in Maldon in Essex) And how much would a remote control key be for a 2006 Ford Fiesta?
  2. Fiesta key

    Erm, none of what zain611 made any sense to me at all, sorry. Anyone got any simple suggestions of where and how to get a spare key?
  3. Fiesta key

    I only have one key. When I bought it it only came with one central locking key, nothing else.
  4. Fiesta key

    I only have one central locking key for my 2006 Fiesta. What is the best/cheapest way of acquiring a spare key?
  5. Fiesta colour code

    No mate, I was born in Portobello Road in London.
  6. Fiesta colour code

    That's just what I wanted to hear!! I will go at it with a little more confidence now. Thank you Alan.
  7. Fiesta colour code

    Panther Black should do shouldn't it? On an 11 year old car? I am fitting a new front bumper and hoping to spray it first using aerosols. Does that sound feasible?
  8. Fiesta colour code

    Thanks Alan but I already found that site and it doesn't tell you where to look for the code
  9. Fiesta colour code

    Tried to get into fordetis. Gave up when they asked for my tax details to register!!!
  10. Fiesta colour code

    Yes Alan, and it says D2
  11. Fiesta colour code

    The plate on the drivers door pillar of my car suggests that the colour code is "D2". Chippex lists this as bright red whereas my car is bright black. How do I find the correct colour code on a 2006 Fiesta?
  12. Paint Code

    I've found "D2" yet my fiesta is 2006. How does that work?
  13. EGR

    My 2006 1.4 TDCi has developed a flat spot when accelerating, not all the time, just occasionally. Any one know what could be causing this? Some one has suggested the EGR may be the cause so I read up about it and found that you can buy a plate that effectively stops the gasses going into the engine! Is this a good idea? One guy said "the only thing the EGR does is clog up the inlet manifold." Does anyone recommend blanking off the EGR and if I do will it affect the emissions at the MOT?
  14. 83 MPG update

    Ha ha. I will never mention my little Festa's MPG ever again!!!
  15. Flat spot on a diesel engine

    My 2006 1.4 TDCi has developed a flat spot when accelerating, not all the time, just occasionally. Any one know what could be causing this?