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  1. ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Thanks I managed to do it, well sort of I got Halfords to do it for me, and they forgot to charge :) I know how to do it next time
  2. ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    I've just noticed I have a break light out, is this easy to change? I've looked on the forum but can't seem to find any info on how to do it.
  3. Mk7 Seat Covers

    No, because there will also be someone sat in the back and also dogs now have to be restrained in the car and I have leads that fit in to the seatbelt socket thing :)
  4. Mk7 Seat Covers

    I got some "universal" ones from Halfords but they didn't fit right you couldn't use the seat belts
  5. Mk7 Seat Covers

    I only want them for the back seats, it can get a bit muddy when taking the dogs out.
  6. Mk7 Seat Covers

    Sorry if this has been asked before I have searched and found nothing, but does anyone know a good place to buy proper fitting seat covers for the mk7?
  7. Sucker marks

    It's not football marks, I hope it was a new one as it's a 09 car :)
  8. Sucker marks

    It's on the outside, I've tried some foam cleaning stuff I can't remember what it's called, but that didn't do it, I tried white vinigar that didn't do it, I will have a look for some autoglym at Halfords if that doesn't work I give that autosmart a go
  9. Sucker marks

    I've got these damn sucker marks on my windscreen that I can get shut of, I've tried everything, I have, does anyone know of a way to remove them? I can only see them when it's raining I just want them gone.
  10. What's yours called?

    I don't name my cars but my wife does, mine is now called Fifi Fiesta
  11. I ordered the blazer blue which like the red doesn't seem to be very common, I've only seen 1 since playing spot the MK7, as for the windscreen my wife says she can see them but like has been said it's only when you focus on them, I've not had any problems with them.
  12. "Delivery date as solid as jelly"

    When I ordered mine I got an estimated delivery date of 12th July a couple of days later it went to the 18th but the build date was always the same of the 17th June, it arrived on the 17/18th July to the dealer, so I think if you have a build date it seems to be about a month after that but I guess that all depends where you are regards to the transporter delivery.
  13. Wing mirror

    With everyone being the same I think it must have been my peugeot that was on the wrong side all along, after all they couldn't be bothered to change the wipers round always had a blind spot when it rained, passenger could see great B)
  14. First good run

    I've got one of those disc's somewhere I will have to dig it out and give it a go.
  15. First good run

    Been on a good run today to test things out a few things that I've found might be a bit annoying, the main thing is the drivers side mirror being a bit curved and makes things look closer than what they are, I'm used to this mirror being on the drivers side, the other thing is the buttons for the electric windows being too far back for me and also I can't rest my arm on the door (I know it's not good driving and not what they teach you) but that's about it. Also the window is a long way off to put my tomtom sucker on and there's no where to put my vent mount. Nothing major and they are things I can get used to, found the car very easy and comfortable to drive.