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  1. With your milage Petrol would make more sense: Info from The Money Advice Service: Diesel cars usually cost more than petrol. Diesel fuel is more expensive than petrol and servicing or fixing a serious problem on a diesel car might be slightly more expensive. New diesel cars also cost more to tax than petrol cars, and depreciation is now slightly higher. There are a number of new charges, such as the London T-Charge and Ultra Low Emissions Zone, that will make it more expensive to drive some diesels in certain cities. Keep in mind that newer diesels have a special filter fitted to help prevent pollution. It’s called a diesel particulate filter (DPF). These can clog if the vehicle isn’t used regularly on a motorway, and is costly to fix or replace. This means if you don’t use motorways often, a diesel might not be for you.
  2. When was it last serviced - and was it a Ford dealer?
  3. Tiexen

    sad times

    I woudn't, with the cost of your excess and future loading on your insurance i'd just get it repaired (if your neighbour owns up he may pay for it).
  4. Pottering around town I get 30 - 40mpg, long runs 50 - 60mpg. As you have a new car you should give it time, at least a few thousand miles to settle down.
  5. Not sure "engine flush" is a good thing with the 1ltr ecoboost - the cambelt is inside the engine and the "flush" may damage it. Ford do NOT recommend engine flush
  6. Six-speed torque converter automatic (not the troublesome six-speed twin dry clutch Powershift). full review here: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/ford/fiesta-2017/good/
  7. May not apply but when I had a Mk6 you used to push up the stalk it would wipe once, you then leave it for a few second return it back to off, when you then push it up it wipes at the interval you just set 10 seconds etc....
  8. regarding the "log" file bottom of the update page: Having trouble getting a log file generated for your SYNC 3 update? Please follow below steps: Download this package (ZIP 44KB) and extract it on a USB stick (the USB stick needs to in ex-fat format) Enter your vehicle and switch on the engine When Sync 3 is fully loaded, insert the USB stick Wait until an “installation complete” message appears (it may take approximately 1 minute). This should now have produced a new log file Return to your PC and complete your update by uploading the log file onto the Ford website
  9. Best way to ruin car a/c is not to use it - it needs to run to lubricate all the seals - climate should be left on all the time, once it has the correct temperature it won't use much energy - in winter it will also dehumidfy to keep your windows clear.
  10. I think its safer than normal cruise, a numpty reading texts not paying attention will drive into the back of the car in front, adaptive would slow the car down.
  11. Don't forget the car doesn't need "thinking time" it will react instantly to the car in front slowing down. .
  12. Should be on all Mk7's onward from 2013
  13. Make a note of the registration and V5C reference numbers and check the car’s MOT status and details from 2005 online at Gov.uk. This will tell you the mileage readings at tests, dates of previous MOTs, and any faults found. Check with the DVLA that the car’s colour, engine size/number and date of registration match the V5C (log book). It’s also worth checking the vehicle identification number (VIN) under the bonnet to see if this matches the paperwork.
  14. Should be with your spare wheel / repair kit
  15. I think " The Ford Easy Fuel system adds extra layers of security behind the external fuel filler opening," means after the fuel filler opening lower down the pipe.