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  1. I had a 1 year (first) service for my 125 Ecoboost last year and a Ford main dealer used 5w30 its due another soon so i'll see what they use this time.
  2. I have a March 18 Fiesta and it has a 3 year paint warranty (10year perforation) with a check every 2 years according to the service book.
  3. Tiexen


    I Imagine it was also about your driving style (or the others lack of) than just the car.
  4. I have a 2018 (March) Fiesta Titanium and it has climate fitted as standard?
  5. The KA coudn't meet the next set of emission regs Ford has reduced its UK Fiesta model line-up from 92 trim variants to 55, raising the price of the cheapest model by £1700.
  6. Ford are no longer interested in "saloon" cars only SUV's They have dropped the KA+, the Fiesta range has been cut to a few models.
  7. True, but if you have a gas boiler serviced that costs £100 and a gas boiler is £1000 so £225 for a £15000 car is not so bad .... and don't get me started on roofers £300 just to put a ladder against the wall!
  8. I would have had the first service when the change oil light came up - benefit of having service done by a Ford dealer during the warrenty period is if your engine seizes up having a non Ford dealer change the oil gives them a reason to refuse to pay for a new one.
  9. As suggested reset the ave fuel readout before your next long run - whats your average speed? I'm currently pottering around and only doing 14mph and getting 35mpg - on a long run its 50mph and 60 mpg.
  10. Your not missing much, on the screen you show the only colour is the "cogs" panel on the left, you also get some blue boxes here and there and if you have traffic sign recognitions they have red circles.
  11. If you have all the buttons you don't get the "gap"
  12. You could try just leaving the stick in - i've had updates that don't seem to be doing anything (you can turn the car off and it will just resume next time you start the car) and it will suddenly say - "complete"
  13. Candy Blue was a £700 option - you'd probably have to get a white one and spray it!
  14. I paid for a "proper" 1 year service - even though as it is now 2 years for the Fiesta Mk8, just feels better to have an oil change at one year - and a stamp in the book can't be a bad thing.
  15. If you havn't already done this go here: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ and report back what it finds