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  1. I don't see a lot of people on here talking about ecoboost failures, after the inital fault (which was a plastic hose failure) they seem pretty reliable. The ST will be a lot more Insurance than the 1ltr so check that out as well before buying
  2. I had a Mk 7.5 and the auto lights used to come on if it was really sunny, my Mk8 doesn't do it.
  3. This is about as good as it gets - this is with the optional false floor
  4. I've used Ford dealers for servicing and not had any issues - You should have a major service every 3 years.
  5. I'm suprised a 3 year old car needed an new battery - did you get the correct type? And a lot of people on here don't like stop/start and wouldn't mind if it didn't work, mine is not working because i'm not doing any miles at the moment, I did do a run a few weeks ago and it started working for a short time.
  6. You don't need an "Eco" button just: Make sure your tyre pressures are all in accordance with your car’s handbook, as underinflated tyres increase fuel consumption by as much as 6%. If your car has a manual gearbox, keeping the revs down and the gears up will ensure the engine isn’t burning unnecessary fuel. A car consumes fuel most heavily when it’s accelerating and the more harshly you accelerate, the more fuel your car will use. If you’re able to minimise the amount of time you spend braking and then accelerating, you’ll be driving as economically as possible.
  7. Yes they tend to call it a "three-cylinder thrum"
  8. I have the Ford pass app but only 1 out of my 3 services show so that may not help, I also have the service book with all 3 stamps.
  9. Tiexen

    E10 Fuel

    I had a Citron AX GT back when we went unleaded I had to take it back to the dealer to get it adjusted - manual choke - remember them!
  10. Dont forget to budget for an annual service -(don't skimp on servicing), i do mine with the MOT then they can fix minor any faults in with the service.
  11. I woudn't respray or sand back a foot! - take the rusted bit back to clean metal and use a touch up bottle (primer / body colour) with a fine brush (from an art shop or e-bay) not the one that comes with it, your cars 7 years old i'm sure it has a few other scratches and dings - i'd be more comcerned abourt the bumper hanging off.
  12. What phone do you have I had trouble with a Samsung A5 - kept connecting disconnecting every few minute, now have a Moto G7 and its rock solid - can you try a different phone for a few days?
  13. You'll probably be OK waiting for May, some of us are old school and have a service every year, If your planning on keeping the Fiesta next year at its 1st MOT have a minor service at the same time.
  14. Thats a phone holder for poverty spec Fiestas with a small screen without Sync.
  15. Changed both of mine recently - follow one of the guides on You Tube ( I think there is one on this forum) its easy when you know how, for the cost its not worth waiting - had to rescue one of my neighbours trapped in a car park when his key died (BMW Mini) luckily his spare worked.
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