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  1. When I bought my Titanium over a year ago Ford were having a lot of trouble with the leather for the seats, ST-Lines had partial leather and were on very long delivery times compared to the Titanium, which might explain the lack of used ST-Lines.
  2. This is the best I've managed so far:
  3. The 1.25 is very old - and now dropped from the range - have you looked at the 1ltr Ecoboost you should test drive them and see the difference - Start Stop is standard on most cars now - you can turn it off as you start the engine
  4. They don't look too bad, I give mine a wipe down with WD40 every now and then.
  5. Before you settled down and enjoy your Fiesta you should checkout this link: ecoboost-engine-rust-problem as your car is about that age it needs checking, hopfully it has been sorted before you got it.
  6. With traffic like that 28mpg is very good - Thats the sort of evironment an electric car would be best for.
  7. They no longer do the 1.25 so 3cyl is all you can get from now on.
  8. Not a lot of difference between 100ps and 125ps - both much better then 1.25
  9. Good 11' 8" long by 5' 2" wide and weighing from 700kg to 800kg. Original 1976 Fiesta facelifted in 1983 with more rounded front. Low insurance groups. Cheap and simple. 'Valencia' pushrod engines are long-lasting so long as the cars get driven regularly. Spares cheap and second-hand parts plentiful. 957 had 40bhp; 1117 had 53bhp; 1.3 ohc CVH had 69bhp; 1392cc ohc CVH had 74bhp; 1592cc ohc CVH in XR2 had 96bhp. Also a 54bhp 1.6 diesel (same basic engine that lasted until 2010) and an automatic. CTX CVT auto could be reliable in '84-'89 cars. 5-speed gearboxes in some 1.4s and all XR2is. Not quite as rust-prone as 1976-1983 model. Bad Still too 'light' and rust-prone, particularly front inner wings just above strut top mountings. A rust-weakened light car is a disaster waiting to happen, especially with young people aboard. Watch Rust. 'Short-run syndrome', because many were used for shopping by elderly ladies and never got properly warmed up. 10 years ago a 10-year-old Fiesta with 25,000 miles was close to needing a new engine and clutch. On the other hand a white socks and back-to-front baseball cap XR2 might have been surprisingly well cared for apart from huge holes in the parcel shelf for oversize speakers. 'Round front' 1984-89 Fiesta had improved anti-rust treatment, but all these cars are so old now they need checking carefully. 1.3 and 1.4 CVH engines prone to oil sludge
  10. One of these perhaps - But a good one will cost £10,000!
  11. which of these is it? Ford Fiesta Mark VI the sixth generation is known as Mark VII in the United Kingdom
  12. Before plugging in: Engine off ... Door open ... Door closed ... close ... Wait ... Door open ... Door open ... Motor on ... Stick in You put your left arm in Your left arm out In out, in out, You shake it all about You do the Okey-Cokey And you turn around That's what it's all about Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey Knees bend, arms stretch Rah-rah-rah
  13. I keep the keys "out of the way" when washing my car then it won't keep "locking/unlocking"
  14. The Trend in the UK was very basic and I don't think they make it any more - can you move to a better spec Zetec?
  15. You really expect us to know the answer to that? Mine took 3 months - ask your dealer.