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    They blanked it of like, Hills are selling them with some sort of warranty like ??

    its a 1.8 tdci
  3. Hi people just need some advice please, Mechanic has blanked of my EGR VALVE what ever that is ??? Can this affect how the car runs ?? Acceleration has gone a bit erratic and car whistles like mad is this normal ?? Engine management light stays on as apparently ist still connected to ECU ?? I wouldn't be able to afford a new EGR Valve however would a second hand one suffice ??? Would like some info before I take back to garage. Thanks to all who have read and any advice is very much appreciated before I take car to Garage Cheers
  4. Got a new cat pipe fitted, when car gets hot makes a lot of whistling whining noises, can anyone tell me if this is normal please ?? Also can these be tricky to fit as am sure I can hear it knocking a bit ?? Cheers in advance for any reading
  5. When going over bumps or holes in the road my car occasionaly makes a heavy thudding noise, sometimes its as if the engine could come through the flaming dashboard. strange thing is is that it doesn't always do it, its as if at times when you go over a bump it catches the car expectantly?? Engine feels a little unstable to inside the bay when turning on/off. Just wondered if any of you experts out there had any ideas as garage is now closed until next Thursday. Just had gearbox mounting replaced underneath car for £45 and this hasn't made much difference. The front arms, shockys springs all appear to be ok.. Car has done a high mileage of 250,000 however the engine still pulls great as its 1.8tdci and I was hoping to keep car until April isshh. So any advice is very much appreciated as its always good to have an idea of what it could be before I go garage. Cheers in advance and have a good one over Xmas.
  6. Just had diagnostic run on my car and its coming out with this fault,, Mechanic wants to replace the part to clear the fault, how much is this part does any1 know ??? Would a second hand one suffice as hoping to change the car just after xmas ??? Heard 1 or 2 people say this fault can be tricky so if any1 has any experience of it please advise us, car goes into limp mode at 3000 rpm so I have got to get it done pronto ??? Cheers
  7. Had unfortunate accident with a very high kerb which has resulted in me having to replace both the front suspension wish bones and shock absorbers. I was able to get the shocks half price thankfully otherwise this would of cost me a fortune. Anyway had the work done and there is still some knocking noises coming form the front suspension area and my steering seems really vague and responselss, just wondered if any of you knowledgeable petrol heads had any ideas of what else it could be as I cant get it to the Garage until Wednesday. Car is 10 years old so I know steering and suspension is gonna be tired and seen better days.. Thanks to all for reading, and thanks even more in advance to those who post a reply.. Cheers
  8. Ok cheers for that, any idea what year it was sorted for 1.6 ??? What they done to rectify problem ???
  9. Ok cheers for that, any idea what year it was sorted for 1.6 ??? What they done to rectify problem ???
  10. Hi people, For those of you in the know I need some advice before I purchase my next car. My 57 1.8 TDCI (113bhp) is coming to an end. I have owned the car for 5 years now and it used it for minicabbing. Car has done 285,000 miles and now when I come to think of it it has been a great car and never let me down. The issue I have is what car do I buy next ??? I am no mechanic and every mechanic I speak to says they don't make em like mine anymore ??? So am struggling as to what car to get next. Everbody tells me to avoid at all costs the 1.6,2.0,2.2 PSA units. I would love another 1.8 TDCI however it appears Ford stopped putting them in Focus in 2011?? A good condition 2011 model would be ideal however are these fitted with DPF'S???? Am told Ford no longer uses PSA units and now has its own developed 1.5 2.0 diesel engines in the latest Focus model's however are these engines any good ????? Your knowledge,feedback and experiences would be very much appreciated before I make my new purchase. Cheers to all that have read this.
  11. New Turbo = New Mpg

    My new Turbo seems to be bedding in just nicely, went from Manchester Airport to Lpool Airport today and the my just kept on rising and rising..... managed to get to 72 mpg and I was doing 75 ish all the way. A pleasant suprise it wasnt doing that before my new turbo for sure. Is it worth paying the extra for BP Ultimaut or Shell Vpower anyone ????
  12. Big Thanks and appreciation to Steeds TomFocus .... Ippy and Dee for your replies. The cost of my new Turbo is actually 450, that comes with new oil new oil filter new oil feed pipe all relevant areas cleaned also puts and additive through engine to help clear out crap !! Oh and there is 3 month warranty Mech tells me not to worry as he does lots of turbos and they never come back touch wood..... that is apart from the dreaded 1.6tdci which he says can get around the corner and have to come back. What concerns me is what has actually made the turbo explode in the first place ??? Mech agrees that it is rare for the 1.8tdci to eplode like that however he says has done some before. I do us the car as Taxi and I do like to put my foot down,, car has done 160k now I would still like another year out of it !! Any feedback highly appreciated as usual.... Cheers Dave