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  1. Double Locking - Has my Fiesta got it?

    Ah I see I should have mentioned that it doesn't have remote locking but just central locking. (Well at least it didnt com with any remote fobs!)
  2. I've just got an 04 Fiesta Zetec. The handbook talks about a locking and double locking (might be called dead locking). Double locking is achieved by twisting the key one way then the other within 2 secs. This should cause double locking and the indicators should flash. This doesn't happen! However I know that the handbook often describes features that aren't on all models so my double locking might not be broken but just not fitted. Does anyone know some way of telling if double locking is fitted to this year/model.?
  3. Code for a 4500

    Many thanks. Is there anyway of checking that its correct other than disconnecting the battery and praying?
  4. I've just bought a 2004 Fiesta Zetec with a 4500 in it. The User Manual has not had the audio passport filled in. All is working at the moment but I know its just a matter of time before I disconnect the battery etc etc. I understand that holding 6 and pressing 2 gives a serial number that can be used. My Radio comes up with M100179. Can anyone give me the code. (Once I have the code is there anyway of checking that its correct other than disconnecting the battery and praying?)