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  1. There will be a reservuar somewher in the car (AAround the engine or possible located by the fuel tank which you fill with DPF adative. Can be got from any auto shop. The garage will probably charge a fortune but will be reasonable from the shop if you can locate and fill the reservuar yourself.
  2. Hi all. When doing and oil change on my sons 2010 Focus 1.6 TDCi has developed a leak around the lower front right of the engine. Lookd to be above the and all around the sump. I will give it a clean tomorrow but am wondering if anyone has had to replace a sump gasket or crankshaft seal for a similar problem. The car had done over 170,000 but still runs very well. Thanks John F
  3. Hi Peter. Just a wee update on Andrews car. Its been a couple of weeks now and the car is problem free. Re-connected the wing mirror block last week and still no issues. Looks like the water in the connection was the cause but as you say it is a strange one. There must be a link between that and the main loom. Thanks for all your help mate. Kind regards John F
  4. Thats what i would prefer to do nut wss told the antennae cabling would not be on the car.
  5. I replaced my Sony DAB unit with an eonon touch screen satnay unit and it worked very well. (Including Steering Wheel Controls) The only real issue was the radio signal was not always good. and AM was not possible at all. Hope this is of help.
  6. First pic. This is the Connector which had the water ingress. It was placed lower than the hole that the cable from the mirror comes through so any water coming in through the mirror housing was running down the cable and into the block. The car has now been running for a full day with no issues. So I will do another scan tomorrow and see what codes if any come up. Then I will re-connect the block and see what happens. Fingers crossed. Another couple of photo's attached. I also disconnected and re-connected all terminals so this might also have helped. The two going through the rubber gromits on the rear left and right I assume are Can Bus as they are well taped and seem to have a type of putty around the cables under the tape. Will update you tomorrow and thanks for your help with this issue Peter.
  7. The water was actually in the electrical block that connects the loom to the Near Side door mirror. The mirror housing also has an indicator lamp on. Regarding the Sticking door pull switch. Do you think that would that be the touch switch on the outside handle or the actuator inside the door? I left the mirror electrical connector disconnected and dried the block out as best I could. Cleared all codes and did another scan. The amount of codes has gone down to those in the file attached. B2035-60 is the indicator fault due to it not being connected. Also Since the I dried the block the pats light has not flashed any codes. Car seems to be starting, stopping and running well.
  8. Hi Peter. This the first chance I have had to look at the car. I took the inner door panel off to have a look at the dood switch mechanism as there is a sticking switch fault comming up for the front passenger door. I found water on the mirror electrical connection. Is it possible that this could be a contributing factor to the problem? Ie could it be affecting the electronics and giving out wrong signals or information?
  9. This is the first time I have had to deal with these types of problems but your information is a great help and I will have a look tonight after work.
  10. That software is a great tool. Got this lot when plugged in. What I need now is to know where the Can Bus wiring connections are and what they look like. Thanks for all your help Peter.
  11. Hi Peter. Got the ELM 327 "Modified) It has a small toggle switch with a "H" on one side. I just had a look on google and see there are 2 can systems. HS Can and MS Can so I assume that is the reason for the switch. I will have a look at You Tube to get an idea of how to use the software. Is there anything I should know before plugging in and connecting to my laptop?
  12. Bought a ELM 327 this morning from the site link you posted. Will hopefully get tomorrow. Had a look at the B Pillar and could only see this : Photo's are upside down.
  13. The Fuse box is identical to the middle of the three and the car Starts no problem Now. I cleaned the large earth from the battery negative connected to the body of the car as it had a bit of rust and there was paint between the earth and the body today. After cleaning the car started and run fine. Then it suddenly would not even identify the key. I have two. It would do nothing. Not even a message on the display. So I disconnected the battery for about ten minutes, re-connected and all worked fine but that is when the PATS code was displayed.
  14. Hi Peter. I am getting code 1:6 owith the PATS Flashing Light. Found this on Google : (1 : 6 Faulty link between PATS and EEC v module) How would I go about sorting this?
  15. If you look on my facebook page "John Finnon"! the vid is on there. I will check out the codes later today. Thanks Peter.