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  1. " ... loads of power and low emissions!" I think the German's credibility on anything to do with emissions is shot! It's more a question of trying to work out how they have "contrived" to get the impressive figures. That said, best engineers in Europe, and I'm glad my Focus was built there.
  2. Still can't get to the bottom of this ... hear is a sound recording, though on the video the volume of the sound is a fraction of what it sounds like when in the car. Grateful for any thoughts.
  3. Thanks, Tom. I'll have a word with my dealer about this.
  4. I have a 2015 registered, Mark 3.5, 1.5 TDCI Titanium with about 56,000 on the clock. The car has been a delight to own and drive - I love it. However about a couple of weeks ago I found myself in a slow moving traffic jam. With long waits between short, slow movements forward, whenever I came to a halt I put the gears into neutral and let the engine auto switch off. Every time I engaged 1st gear and gently let the clutch in the car emitted a (sometimes long) mournful moan (no other way to describe it!) - I seemed to feel a (very) slight vibration through the clutch pedal. Once I got going the noise stopped and only came back v occasionally. Took the car to my dealer who could not get it to replicate the noise ... he said it sounded as though it was something to do with the clutch, but commented that the clutch felt fine to him. All he could say was that I should let him know if it happens again. Today on approaching a roundabout I changed down from 3rd to 2nd and, again, on letting the clutch in I got the same mournful noise. Having got past the roundabout, with no traffic about, I came back down the gears and, again, got the noise. Doing it a third time, nothing. Be most grateful if anyone could give me a clue as to what the problem might be?
  5. Should you be advertising your VIN number? I'm not v bright about these things but I don't think I would?! The VIN is not for a Focus.
  6. When I got my Focus over 3 years ago this was a wallpaper I put on ... v similar to the one above but all blue in various shades ... like it so much I've never thought to change it.
  7. Having seen Mat Watson's review of the new Focus I have to say ... I like it! Despite my previous rather disparaging comments.
  8. I find my 1.5 TDCI runs v quietly and happily on BP Ultimate. On a 300 mile round trip yesterday on a wide range of road types I found my car was doing a tad under 59mpg which delighted me as I am fast driver (though I can't say if the car would return the same mpg if i was using a regular fuel). Shell V Power never offered any noise or mpg improvements in my car though it does seem to improve performance marginally ...
  9. V disappointing ... a dull, stodgy little car. I'm going to have to make my beloved 3.5 last as long as possible!!
  10. 45,000 miles on the clock and almost 3 years old ... love my Focus!
  11. mastachaz the time you put in on this is much appreciated. THANKS V MUCH!
  12. You are a pal, mastachaz. Look forward to hearing from you when you have a mo.
  13. Am I right that I can't edit the standard pre-defined text messages that come with Ford Sync 2. Just want a few messages along the lines, "I'm in my car & will reply to your text later." with perhaps added variations along the lines of "... in an hour or so." or "... today." etc.
  14. Why not post this on the Ford Fiesta Forum?