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  1. Same here ... love the colour so much my Mk 4 Focus bought last year also had to come in Magnetic.
  2. I have a FORD FOCUS TITANIUM 1.0 125PS bought new on 1 July 2020. Set the car up to receive automatic updates (manual updates ... particularly with reference to this thread ... strike me as potentially risky, time consuming hard work!). At present the version of Sync 3 software is shown as 3.4 Build 21020_PRODUCT. The Navigation Maps version is F10. The car says its software is up to date. However when I go to Sync updates on the Ford website and enter my VIN I'm told, "A software update is available. Approx. 3.3GB". But is my software already up to date? As an aside, at the end of last month I drove from Suffolk to Edinburgh and back and on a number of occasions found the satnav to be hopelessly out of date leaving me flying across fields, particularly in the vicinity of Cambridge and around Newcastle-u-Tyne. So has the maps version been updated beyond F10?
  3. I've tried the Pro app today ... probably still needs to settle as it just keeps telling me it is updating the lock status. Apart from that everything is pretty much the same in terms of info though no facility for My Journeys if one wants to use that (but I don't think in practice many Ford owners will want to! It is a bit Big Brotherish!). It's attractive ... but I like the look of the other app as much. I think the important thing is that the Pro team seem to have kept their users happy whereas the team that look after the consumer app have struggled for a whole year with their software and the server error they've recently rectified. In conclusion I'll keep the Pro app on for a few more days, but if the consumer app stays reliable I might opt to keep that long term. Whatever, I find the app, Pro or consumer, is quite useful and applaud Ford for trying to make it work. It adds a fun element for those of us who like playing with our smartphones - if you are not able to access this software it is certainly not critical and will not detract from the "joys" of owning a Ford!
  4. I will ... and will let you know what I think.
  5. I agree with Unofix - the lock status of the car is not shown. But I am surprised Bill says there's nothing to see ... mine shows: Location Odometer Reading Petrol tank status Distance to empty Alert status Secrialert status Monthly Fuel Report My Journeys Tyre Pressures Oil Life (Vehicle Hotspot) Owner's Manual Vehicle Details Vehicle Support Dealer Contact Details Service Intervals Service History Map for Parking, Fuel and nearby Dealers Messages (I have to admit, mostly fatuous) Ford Credit info Ford Insure info etc So I believe its actually quite useful and a lot more than nothing.
  6. On 16 July FordPass distributed a message to say they had been aware a server error was affecting a number of features on the app but this error has now been fixed - they acknowledged users' frustration. Since then I have tried all the features on the app (even, rather bravely, "My Journeys") and can report that ... so far ... everything does indeed seem to be working. If you find you are still struggling with a feature or two now is probably the best time to get on to a Guide and get it sorted.
  7. I enjoyed a recent visit to https://www.rosslynchapel.com/ (Da Vinci Code and all that). I drove up to Edinburgh but if you've not got a car there's taxis (expensive) and buses from Princes Street. The carved stone inside is exquisite - never seen anything like it before.
  8. I'll have to pluck up the courage and try it on some poor ol' Suffolk car park!!!
  9. This was thoroughly entertaining to watch and the end result? Not quite as bad as I expected! The old lady loved the car and once she'd disciplined herself not to touch the steering wheel she parked it perfectly using the system. I've had my car for a year now and still haven't plucked up the courage to try the system. Only got it because at the time that was the only way I could have a rear camera which I love.
  10. I totally understand ... if BLIS was "thrown in" as part of a package I'd use it and probably appreciate having it ... I just don't think I'd expend effort or money fitting it post-purchase. Whatever, we're all different!
  11. Does one actually need a BLIS system?
  12. In recent weeks I noticed I stopped getting the FordPass Fuel Report on my app. Telephone calls and emails to the FordPass people and finally I see that it has been reinstated. But having got it back is it a report one can rely on? FordPass tell me in their report that I have done an average of 41.3 mpg over May 2021 in my 1.0 litre Ecoboost Mark 4 Focus. That is very disappointing! Particularly as the tripometer had indicated over the same period figures anywhere between 46.5 mpg and 53.5 mpg. I did fill up with petrol on 2 May and 3 June and some times in between. Using my bills to calculate consumption I see in fact I have done 45.1 mpg which is much closer to what I would have expected. I note that FordPass have not credited me with consumption of 45+ mpg at any time over the last six months. Anyone know how their program works and why it should be so atrociously inaccurate?
  13. I just cannot believe these figures ... something, somewhere must be wrong, surely. Admittedly I have a manual 2018+ Focus, but I am getting (on the dash) 47-53mpg ... and I am no angel when it comes to speed (as my bank balance is about to find out ... again!). I must do a proper check on actual mpg.
  14. I have to say I'm not sure ... phone a Guide?
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