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  1. My new Focus's speedo appears to be extremely accurate. V impressed. My last Focus was about 10% out (the right way) and my car before that, an Audi A3, was hopelessly inaccurate.
  2. I know nothing about the technicalities but I was told I would not be aware of cylinder deactivation ... and I can't say i have noticed anything ... yet, anyway!
  3. So why should a five year old, dead thread remain pinned to the top of the forum? Have I expressed my question a little more simply this time? The Simple Unthinking One.
  4. Could be handy ... thanks for letting us have the address.
  5. So why on earth is this rather sad little topic pinned to the top of this forum. Was a survey produced? If not, why not? If so, where is it? Note the only link in the topic leads nowhere.
  6. On FordPass select Account. Select Settings. Scroll down to and select Journey Recording. Under Journey Settings, Select Off.
  7. Yes ... I believe a friend had a similar (clutch) issue with a mk4. I understand it has been put right for him..
  8. So how did July go? I reported earlier that the salesman who sold me my Focus in June said that July had turned out to be his best sales month ever ... and it seems his claim has been borne out by recent magazine articles announcing car sales in July were up over 10% on 2019 - though no doubt some of these will have been self-registrations. However overall sales for 2020 still look like ending up 30-40% down on 2019. I was pleased to read in WhatCar? the top ten cars sold in July included the Kuga, the Focus and the Fiesta. What about the rest of the year? JDC 14 tells us that "new leads are starting to reduce (not just Ford)" ... presumably as the pent up demand from Lockdown is satisfied. Reading the foreign press there are other rumblings - in particular dealers' stocks of new cars are apparently starting to dwindle because of the prolongued factory closures over the middle of this year. Interesting times ahead.
  9. At last, a different as well as considered perspective and strategy. Look forward to hearing how things pan out.
  10. At last some more exciting deals are appearing on the Internet and in my email in-tray although, so far, none as good as the deal I was able to clinch for a pre-Covid Focus in early June. Ford did hike their list prices in mid-June in introducing the new MHEV versions of the Focus. Presumably better fuel economy will be a major benefit of this change which will have some impact on the overall cost of ownership. Talking the other day to my dealership salesman he told me that July looks like it will be his best month ever ... fingers crossed for that and a continuing recovery in the market.
  11. Got the new Focus ... so far v impressed. This thread has attracted quite a bit of interest but little actual feedback. Hope you're all finding good deals out there!
  12. I can only echo Pragmatix's comment ... until a few days ago I had a 2015 Focus with a 1.5 tdci and 93k on the clock. So smooth passengers often expressed surprise the car was a diesel. I'd have someone take a look at yours.
  13. Thanks, Stuart. Lindsay
  14. Anyone know how to locate a pdf manual for the new Mk4 Focus? I go to download on the Ford site and there's nothing to download ... just a third rate html manual.