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  1. I took a few shots yesterday if you want to take a look :) All available unedited and in full res. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1791592641074504&id=1735349536698815
  2. Does anyone know if we are we going to have trouble getting in?? The instructions for the stand pass shows that all cars must be parked by 8:30???!!! Well iv been waiting to get in for way over an hour
  3. I know the feeling!! Been sat in the queue since 7:45...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm just curious to know who's going to Ford Fair and what prep are we all doing for the show??? Iv done a full detail (to be done again Saturday) and have a set of new wheels on the way!
  5. Hi Trevor, Would you be able to confirm when the tickets and stand passed will arrive please?
  6. Moseley's focus zs

    Well.. I thought that initially but after holding it up to the car it looks like it would fit no problem but having said that the proof will be in the pudding I guess if it's a no go then I'll be heading off to see Tony banks when I can afford it. I do have a shocker change on the cards but not straight away :)
  7. Moseley's focus zs

    Thanks chaps :) Maybe 50mm is a tad low but it would sit lovely. Maybe 45s would be safer? Change of plan with the exhaust by way, a friend of mine has just offered to sell me his standard RS backbox and will help me fit it at his garage, will also be removing the centre and rear silencers :)
  8. Hi everyone, This is just a thread for my mk2 face-lift focus zs. I haven't done too much just yet but have listed below :) enjoy. All work done by myself. - Full paint detail. - Engine bay detail. - Full big service. - LED interior, side, dipped and fog lights. - Gloss black bonnet strip. - Gloss black wheels. - Engine bay burnt metal washer dress up kit. - Custom Induction kit. I'll be listing more as and when it happens but next on the cards is full custom cat back stainless exhaust system and 50mm lowering springs.
  9. WHAT EXHAUST!!???

    Thanks Mate, Had a look on the powerflow website last night funnily enough, will have to get a quote from them and go from there :)
  10. So.. I'm looking for a catback exhaust for my focus zetec s. The look I'm after is either a circular slash cut or circular rolled tip. Sound wise I'm not after anything overly loud but definitely need a rasp!! :) help!!!
  11. Who's going to Ford Fair???

    Excellent, can't wait to see and meet everyone there!
  12. Guide For Fitting Daytime Running Lights Focus Mk2.5

    Hi Paul, Would there be any change you could re-upload the PDF? It's just showing as text. Thank you 😀