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  1. I got in my car this morning and my car had unpaired all of the devices already on it and now whenever I try to pair them back it gives a code to enter but on the iPhone 7 it also gives a code to pair and they don't match. This then means that I can't pair the two together? How come the codes are different? And can I manually pair them in any way? Thanks in advance
  2. thankyou ive sent a message to him :)
  3. Has anyone got IDS knowledge that could program some power-fold mirrors to work with my fiesta please. It is a 14plate zetec s and willing to travel
  4. i bought mine from ford and they fitted it for free because i did
  5. i fitted my girlfiends new sony headunit in and it gave her DAB straight away just swapping the facia, radio unit and screen. There was no need for any Ariels or such alike it was just plug and play.
  6. my car is a 2014 one with sat nav and it does advice you on the speed limit and also has every single speed camera on that i have come across. There is also an option in setting to chime when approaching a speed camera. I wouldnt buy another fiesta without satnav its great
  7. if youre that bothered about mpg then the simple answer is to get a diesel... i can achieve around 75mpg if i really try too and i suspect that the smaller diesels may be better than this
  8. i have taken your advice and they are working great but are a little too bright at night? have you any more tips on dimming them down abit? would a resistor on the positive wire work? and if so what size etc?
  9. If this is the case how are people wiring things to their sidelights from inside the car? Like where does the feed come from?
  10. I am looking to installing a glovebox ambient lighting strip in blue and with my car not having it from the factory the wires already there have no power. this is when i decided to wire them up with the sidelights but i am having trouble knowing which wire is for the sidelights as i cannot find any decent wiring diagrams. i am looking at doing this at the lights switch panel (where the fog light buttons are). if anyone knows which colour wire the sidelights are on i would appreciate it greatly. Also a picture may help me alot too thankyou!
  11. I understand but there are only two wires coming from the led strip which i presume to be a live wire (red) and an earth wire (black). ive tried connecting both to either of the ambient lighting feeds but neither seem to work? I dont have a multimeter and so cant test which wires are which so if anyone has a wiring diagram thatd be great. and as you can probably tell im very new to electronics haha
  12. for the glovebox lighting i have bought an led strip to put there but i was just wondering which wires to splice into for both black and red from the strip... i have located the white wire and the black and blue wire coming from the top of the glovebox but i cannot seem to get the strip to turn on?
  13. Bensawerr


    think it fell off mate haha :(
  14. I was literally just on the phone to a dealer near the previous owners address haha they said theyd try and find out for me but i shall continue haha
  15. I have recently had the joy of losing my service history booklet and coming to buy i new one i thought would be simple as all of my services had been from ford and so i thought it would be simple to just stamp the new booklet as all of the services would have been on their 'system'. However, this 'system' doesnt exist and so they told me that i'd have to go back to each garage to get it stamped where it was serviced. This is where my problem is, i bought my car second hand and dont know where it was first serviced, (only been serviced twice) and so i cant seem to get my first stamp in the new booklet. Is there any way i can find this information out? i have looked on ford etis with no joy. Help please....