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  1. The trailing arm bushes are actually quite a common failure for the mk4 so wouldn't worry about them at all. I replaced mine myself, about £40 for the bushes but the special tool needed for it was about £130. Once I fitted the bushes I sold the tool on again for £110.
  2. The 1.5 did come in both 150 and 182, Mrs has the 182 version in her 17plate Kuga. As for the differences, sorry don't have a clue. But it wouldn't surprise me if it's exactly the same engine but with a different map on it. I seem to recall the 2ltr diesel in the Galaxy also came in 3 different power outputs but was an identical engine mechanically just a different map.
  3. The problem is the stereo is no longer talking to the car so the dashboard won't display any radio info because it doesn't know the radio is there. As for why that's happened I don't know, I see you've tried pulling the radio fuse but have you tried disconnecting the battery itself for a few minutes?
  4. Sorry, misinterpreted what you said originally. No, I'm not on LPG so can't help you with that or info on the valve recession.
  5. I've done a few tweaks to it - RamAir Pod Filter Elevate Focus ST225 Top Pipe Airtec FMIC Scorpion Downpipe Scorpion Cat Back Exhaust ECV Valve LUK Focus RS DMF + Clutch Kit Bluefin Stage 2 Bluetooth + USB mod Convers Mod NX Mod Sports Rear Diffuser Sports Top Front Grill Sports Bottom Front Grill Sports Fog Lights Sport Pedal Covers Dark Ice Designs Auto Lift Boot Struts Dark Ice Designs Bonnet Rams Dark Ice Designs Short Shift Kit Auto Mirror Mod Interior LED Conversion Nextbase 402 and 512 Dashcams 295bhp & 330ftlb of fun, but can still give 38mpg It's alright I suppose 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Can't answer on the valve seats but with 135,000 miles on mine I've got no problems. 260bhp will make very short work of the stock clutch, but a Focus RS DMF and clutch will bolt straight in with no problems at all. Will also take over 300bhp all day long.
  7. Oh my, I get between 20-25mpg around town in stop-start traffic but 30-35mpg if on a motorway cruise (38mpg if I drive very sensibly) But, that's with a 295bhp 2.5t petrol. Honestly thought that the 2.2tdci would have been far more economical.
  8. If you look at the lower screw just above it you will see a black plastic release tab. Squeeze it and the wiring block will pull back and off the bulb. With that out the way you can swap the bulb and then slide the wiring block back on to the bulb. You'll see the silver plastic prongs help line the block up when you slide it on.
  9. A-pillar just pulls off, start at the very top and just pull. You probably have a yellow plastic strap that will hold the trim to the car though, this will slide out of it's mounting on the trim which you can then pull upwards out of the dashboard. When refitting you will find it easier to pull off the rubber door strip first, locate the trims two legs in the dashboard, reconnect the plastic strap, line it up and slap it back on. Rubber strip will then just push back into place. The glovebox is 4 torx screws which are in the corners when you open the lid. Inside on the roof of the box are 2 10mm bolts which also need removing. Once all those are out you can carefully pull the glovebox out of the dash remembering to unplug the wiring for the light at the front edge, the wiring for the AUX connector at the front side, USB on the right side if you have it and the airbag deactivation plug on the rear left side. Refitting is just a reversal remembering to plug in the wires as you go and make sure the metal clips the torx screws go into are lined up. With those out the way you can easily get a GPS cable down the A-pillar, underneath the glovebox (don't go over it as you could easily crush the cable) and behind the ashtray area. From there it can be fed through up to the stereo area.
  10. It's the same on the earlier models too, it's the cover for the adaptive cruise control radar.
  11. If you have USB it will be in the glovebox, poking out the right-hand side wall. It is very possible you don't have USB or streaming as an option on your Bluetooth module though. They can be swapped out for newer versions and the lead added but depending on what you have already you may need to change wiring etc. Not sure about the post above mentioning a plug hidden behind the left side of the glovebox as that wiring plug is for the Passenger Airbag Deactivation Switch and NOT a USB socket.
  12. Just pulled up the manual for your stereo and it expects Yellow to be a permanent live and the Red to only be live when the ignition is switched on. You'll need to use your meter and make sure that you have voltage on yellow and black at all times and a voltage on red and black when the ignition is switched on. If you are getting voltage but its the wrong way (ie red and black is permanent yellow is switched) then you swap the connections over at the bullets and try again. If you don't get any voltage at all on the yellow+black or red+black then you need to check your fuses and wiring.
  13. Go to It's Alex's software that they sell for him but they also offer full support for it too.
  14. Are the mk5 the same as the mk4 where there is a flag set in the ECU to say there has been a crash and airbags deployed? I know IDS will reset it on the mk4 but I don't know if Forscan can also do it if the mk5 is the same of course.