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  1. If you have USB it will be in the glovebox, poking out the right-hand side wall. It is very possible you don't have USB or streaming as an option on your Bluetooth module though. They can be swapped out for newer versions and the lead added but depending on what you have already you may need to change wiring etc. Not sure about the post above mentioning a plug hidden behind the left side of the glovebox as that wiring plug is for the Passenger Airbag Deactivation Switch and NOT a USB socket.
  2. Mark M

    New stereo no power

    Just pulled up the manual for your stereo and it expects Yellow to be a permanent live and the Red to only be live when the ignition is switched on. You'll need to use your meter and make sure that you have voltage on yellow and black at all times and a voltage on red and black when the ignition is switched on. If you are getting voltage but its the wrong way (ie red and black is permanent yellow is switched) then you swap the connections over at the bullets and try again. If you don't get any voltage at all on the yellow+black or red+black then you need to check your fuses and wiring.
  3. Mark M

    Convers+ Updates

    Go to It's Alex's software that they sell for him but they also offer full support for it too.
  4. Are the mk5 the same as the mk4 where there is a flag set in the ECU to say there has been a crash and airbags deployed? I know IDS will reset it on the mk4 but I don't know if Forscan can also do it if the mk5 is the same of course.
  5. Mark M

    Bluetooth address book removal

    edit. sorry, missed in the original post you already tried it.
  6. Mark M

    Dean Looks like two nuts behind it, probably accessed the same way the rear lights are removed, and a plastic clip on the side.
  7. Mark M

    New Key Needed - Mondeo 2014

    You can get spare keys on eBay quite easily, but you will then need to go to a dealer to get both keys programmed to your car. If you pop the back off the fob and remove the key blade you will see a part number that you can then search for. Earlier models used a different encryption which can be coded/programmed with Forscan but I think yours being a 2014 model it is going to need a dealer.
  8. The mileage can be changed with Forscan and an ELM cable. BUT, it can only be increased. If you get a cluster that needs the mileage lowering then it will need to go to a specialist.
  9. You say you have a 2l but is it petrol or diesel? turbo or non-turbo? If it's non-turbo then your gains are going to very minimal and probably not worth the cost. For example, a 2l Duratec petrol 142bhp with bluefin will get you an extra 10bhp and cost you £250, but a 2l TDCI 140bhp will get an extra 20-33bhp depending on the year, for £359.
  10. If the battery voltage is too low it won't work. If you have the climate set to a relatively cold temperature it will try to achieve this by having the aircon running, which will obviously stop it working. If the engine temperature is too low it won't work. There's a whole host of reasons why stop/start will stop working but they seem to be the main 3 from experience.
  11. Mark M

    Mk4 Mondeo Aluminium Pedal set

    A bit late, but the easiest way I found was to remove the rubber covers from the pedals, and from the new covers. Then use a spring clamp to hold the metal covers on the pedals and mark the holes for drilling, remove covers and make some big holes in the pedals. They are supposed to have rivnuts fitted to the pedals and then you just screw down the covers (with the rubber put back in) and job done. But, as you found, you can just put some locking nuts on the back just as easily, except the accelerator pedal with its double skin may need a longer bolt.
  12. Mark M

    Mondeo 2.5t exhaust and clutch

    I found that as soon as I went with the stage 2 map from Bluefin my clutch started to slip, though with 130,000+ miles on the clock it might have been close anyway (although stage 1 showed no signs of it). Since then I've fitted a new DMF and clutch from a Focus RS (bolted straight on) and it's been fine since. Can't help with the de-res pipe you mention as I've not heard of them for the Mondeo, and I ended up going with the Scorpion turbo back system. The cat-back alone gave a nice deeper exhaust note but if you want more performance you'd have to look at the downpipe and de-cat/sports cat.
  13. That doesn't sound right. I've used the immobilise feature a few times on my Mondeo and every time I've come back to it the Superchips map is what's been reloaded straight away.
  14. Mark M

    Mk4 mondeo ecoboost engine failure

    Aye, a 17 plate with only 4000miles (yes four thousand) that was serviced six weeks prior by a main dealer. And having looked at facebook/daily mail/the times ford now have a large lawsuit heading there way over so many EcoBoost failures 😞 Hope yours is all sorted 🤞 Cars a Motability car so not sure if we can kick off at Ford customer relations or if we'd need to get mobility to do so. Either way, it sucks 😞
  15. Mark M

    Mk4 mondeo ecoboost engine failure

    Your lucky (I know it might not seem it), Mrs 17plate Kuga just had the same issue of a misfire on cylinder 1 of her 1.5 EcoBoost. The garage took it in and after a week or two said it was a valve. Then Ford got them to do a wet test which showed cylinder 1 is mullered but Ford isn't going to supply a new engine only a bottom end. The rub is it's going to take at least 2 weeks to get it built and sent to Germany, then onto the UK and then another couple of days to fit it. Looking at 6-7 weeks total and the most annoying part is nobody is prepared to say what exactly has happened/failed.