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  1. 1.0t ecoboost slow to start at times?

    Mine sits at 2800 revs at 80mph , oops did i really admit to speeding ! ?
  2. Tyre Pressure Monitor

    Is the tyre monitor system for detecting sudden pressure loss or does it let you know when more air is required over natural loss ? Meaning one does not have to check with a gauge every two or 3 weeks ? Thanks
  3. My Mk7 Zetec S Lowered On -35Mm H&r Springs

    Lol thats because the picture was taken on a different day , the silver car was not parked there , also look at the side of the house , its wet , the other pic its dry lol
  4. Doors auto lock setting

    I have a new ecoboost 125 titanium x , just wondering is there any way to make the central locking lock automatically after driving off , reason is incase i forget to do it manually , people now days just try to hijack the car to steal from you . My older 2008 BMW does it and so does my wife Clio do it too. Any advice thanks
  5. St2 Door Cards

    If they are both the same year and 3 doors then yes i should think so
  6. Good Old Van Man On Fine Form!

    What was the speed limit on that road ? 30MPH ? Yourself was doing over 30 MPH too
  7. The St Arrived!

    Great news , enjoy it bud and keep it safe too !
  8. Leak Under The Car

    Air con drain outlet ? Obviously if car has no aircon it rules that one out.
  9. Auto Closing Windows Mk7

    Mine has auto opening and closing , one needs to hold button on for a few seconds
  10. Fiesta's New Led Brake Lights 20

    Yep mine has the storage net too built 3RD July 2015
  11. Security

    Winemart2 and kev948 can you send me PM as for some reason i have to wait another 12 mins to send another private message. Never seen his before. If you send a private message i may be able to respond straight away if online.
  12. Fiesta Lead Time

    Mine was built in Germany , ordered 5th June , titanium x with every extra except leather. Picked it up on 26th July . Ask dealer for chassis number and then you can watch the build date on etis ford. I also ordered it through drive the deal which was recommended to me and i beat the dealers by 2k nearly. And i was the 1st owner. Excellent service from start to finish.
  13. My Daughters Ordered A Fiesta Zetec S 140

    If you get the chassis number from dealer you can watch when its built via etis ford ! It may jumble around a bit with the dates but it won't be far out. Good luck with the new car
  14. Security

    Message sent mate
  15. Security

    Steering wheel disc lock and a handbrake / gear lever lock to start with. If you have push button start private ( which i think you might have ) message me and i will tell you something else you can do too.