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  1. CB4sF1NEST

    Tinted Back 3 Windows On Fiesta.

    Alloys, get some Zetec S 17s on, ST 18s would be pretty expensive
  2. CB4sF1NEST

    Mountune Mr165 1.0 Ecoboost!!

    Anyone had a tear up against a ST yet with the upgrade done? If so does it actually keep up? Does the kit also stop the 5th gear 4k limiter? Cheers
  3. CB4sF1NEST

    Mountune Mr165 1.0 Ecoboost!!

    Just a quick question, Does the MR165 affect warranty? I don't really want to get it done before my warranty is up as I fear i'll blow the turbo with the extra power... <_< Cheers!
  4. CB4sF1NEST

    Tinted Back 3 Windows On Fiesta.

    My Fiesta has the Factory "Privacy Glass" I think personally it looks better than others that haven't got it but I really want to black the windows out properly to finish off the look, If I were you I would just nip to Wilco or Halfords and pick up one of their cheap rolls of tint and just apply it and see if you like it or not before you pay for it to be done properly etc Help that's helped :)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums CB4sF1NEST :)

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