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  1. Headlights Keep Blowing

    Cheers will get it looked at :)
  2. Headlights Keep Blowing

    You trying to say I don't recycle? :) Is this something easy to sort? Thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. For a while now one or the other headlight has been blowing. I've then gone to Halford for them to fit a new one. So last time I was there I had a brilliant idea (that's probably stupid) to have the Xenon +30 HID style bulbs fitted. This cost a staggering £50 plus about £12 to fit. In effect this doubled the value of my 04 KA. My thinking was that they are LED bulbs and less likely to blow. However, both these blew almost straight away, much quicker than normal and two have never blown at once. I have a few questions that would be great to know the answer to :) Are Xenon bulbs LED, it doesn't say so on the packet? Is there any guarantee that can be enforced with a bulb? Should they last longer than a few hours (esp for £50)? Or is this something wrong with my car that makes the bulbs blow and therefore the cars fault? Any help here would be great. I'm sick of paying so much money to Halfords and would dearly love to stop. Thanks Alex
  4. Steering Problem Very Strange

    Okay cheers guys interesting :)
  5. Steering Problem Very Strange

    Okay well the first one of these is something I could do myself. This is a first I'll give it a go :) Many Thanks
  6. Hi All, For a number of months the steering has been getting harder even at times sort of grinding. Then for a day for 2 it can be back to being as good as new. Any ideas?
  7. Cracked Flywheel

    Okay thanks and how much to replace/labour?
  8. Cracked Flywheel

    Oh okay!!!! Thanks for the reply. Oops will take the car of the road now. And how much would it cost to replace? Thanks
  9. Cracked Flywheel

    Hi All :) How serious is a cracked flywheel and any ideas how much it would cost to replace? My KA is about 6 years old. I'm not good with cars so any information would really help. Thanks Alex
  10. Ka Clutch

    Hi All, Was just in France and out of nowhere the Car started to loss power especially when changing to higher gears. This was very sudden so I called breakdown they took the car in and flew us back to the UK. Also, in the lower gears you would not know there was a problem. I got a call today to say the clutch had gone. However, a mechanic friend has said he thought it sounded like a fuel pump or fuel filter. So I have a few questions. 1. What does this problem sound like to you? 2. The car has just been services and MOT'ed should this have been picked up then? 3. Is 800 Euro's a reasonable price to have a new clutch? Any help would be great :) Alex
  11. Hi, We have a KA and the wing (just the normal plastic one) is coming loose. Is there anyway to secure it as we are going away tommorow so I don't have a chance to get it to a garage? Thanks Alex
  12. Mud Flap

    Cheers! Looked it up its doesn't seem to be an MOT issue :)
  13. Mud Flap

    I have a 04 Ka and the g/f ran over a grouse, this knocked the mud flap out of place. I have pushed the flap back but I don't think its where it should be. Will it fail the MOT on his? Is it easy to fix? Any help would be appreciated :)
  14. My windscreen wipers back and front are not working I cannot even push the button to make the water squirt-out. It seems that something might have happened to the control stick, or could this be a blown fuse? I have poured hot water into the wiper water supply (in case it was frozen) but I get absolutely nothing happen when I turn on any of the wiper functions. Any feedback here would be great :)
  15. Handbreak light

    Hi all, On my KA the handbrake light comes on at times and then goes off on its own. Anyone know how I can can sort this? Any help would be great, Alex