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  1. Cam Chain Snapped

    Hi All, So I have a 57 Plate Ford S-Max with 147,000 Miles on the clock. The Cam Chain has gone, looks like the Engine has gone with it. Is it worth fixing or should I scrap it?
  2. Whining noise when turning

    It's not really affecting the proformance of the car at all. Just the whining noise, my mechanic did suggest to change the power steering fluid. And if that doesn't work he will change the pump hopefully this works.
  3. Whining noise when turning

    Hi I have got a 57 plate S-Max TDCI. When I'm turning its making a whining noise, but it's only occurring when the engine is warm. It's still noticeable when going straight but worse when turning any ideas what it could be?
  4. S-Max Diesel

    Think I've been assured that 100k on a diesel is nothing as long as it's been well looked after,just wasn't sure on the short distance journeys did not know if it would nacker the engine up
  5. S-Max Diesel

    Not seen many petrol ones, my price range is about 5k only miles I've seen for that price range is over 100k
  6. S-Max Diesel

    Hi I'm interested in buying a ford S-Max most of them I can see are Diesel but I only drive locally I do drive long distances some times but not on a day to day basis will this really matter to the cars proframce? Also most of them have over 100k miles, I'm a little bit put off by this is it that big of a deal for a Diesel car?
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Webby27_05 :)

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