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  1. That is the 'radar' for the adaptive cruise control on a 14 plate. It might just be forward warning system on older models.
  2. My satnav has failed due to a faulty GPS aerial module. 1) Where is it located? I have no external aerials. I assume that it uses the read window element. There are two boxes in the top of the tailgate of my mk4.5 titanium x. Is it one of them? 2) Where can I get a replacement other than Ford main dealer that wants £110?
  3. I'm looking to buy an OBD2 reader for my Mk4.5 Mondeo. Just interested in reading error codes without forking out a huge bill from a Ford garage.
  4. My Mk4.5 Mondeo Titanium X had developed a fault on its GPS. The system says that it can either find zero or one satellite. Not enough to get an accurate position. I am thinking that either Mr Trump has switched off all the satellites or my car is faulty. It sounds like the aerial has come loose. The problem is I have no idea where the aerial is. Does anyone have any idea of common faults or how to diagnose the problem?
  5. The grease ideas sound good, but with my luck the grease would disappear and I would end up in the same situation. Not willing to take the chance. TPMS was £80 per wheel. Luckily I managed to get the two front ones off, but had to replace the two rear ones. Not willing to take the chance. I will put up with naff plastic ones.
  6. I bought an after market HUD for my Mondeo Mk4.5 sport. A bit gimmicky I know! It plugs into the OBD2 port and gives MPH etc. It works about 50% of the time, but the other 50% it displays "ERR". I contacted the manufacturer and the supplier and they both said the same thing. "Your car is incompatible and it is probably generating invalid rpm values.". This sounds like a bit of hogwash to me. I can't believe that Ford would make that sort of mistake. Even if they did the HUD should just ignore the data packet and carry on. Instead it displays an error message and then reboots. I tried the unit in my wife's Fiesta and it works fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone been able to get a HUD to work with this model of vehicle?
  7. That makes more sense! Thanks for that.
  8. Mistake 1 I bought some fancy metal dust covers for my tyre valves. Look nice but.... The metal on the valve and the dust cap are different and they reacted so that they fused together. Mistake 2 I got a pair of pliers to them. Instead of releasing the dust cap, the valve head snapped and all the air rushed out of the tyre. This is going to be expensive. they are TPMS units!!
  9. Found this in the boot of my 2014 Mondeo Titanium X Sport. There is a purpose made recess in the foam for it to fit into. My first reaction is that it is the beeper for the reversing sensors.
  10. Thanks guys. Found where it should go. Mystery solved!
  11. My wife found this plastic part at the end of the drive. One side is black and the other is the same colour as her Fiesta. We can not figure out where it has come from. The front bumper regularly scrapes the floor as she exits the drive, so possible that it come from there. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Raz123, I don't know. Mine has the 8 way memory seat and auto gearbox, so thinking about it, it may be specific to that configuration.
  13. Just sorted out this problem myself, so I thought I would pass it to everyone. I'm not sure if the problem relates to all Lollipop phones or just mine (Moto G 1st Gen). When trying to Bluetooth pair the phone with my car I could not get the phone to find "Ford Audio". The solution is simple, but stupid. Plug a USB cable between the phone and the car, so that the phone is charging. It now sees "Ford audio". After it has paired, the car and phone see each other, even with the USB unplugged.