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  1. Happy Birthday paulworthing!

  2. Not sure I would do it on the rear as the indetation for the plate would make it look odd however one at the front, moved to one side mught work . . .
  3. As I now have a personal plate consisting of 6 characters I was thinking about, for the front plate at least, making it like a motorbikes rear plate with 3 characters over 3 characters. I guess as Alfa Romeo do it it can't be illegal . . . . or can it??
  4. Its going to be a toss up for me between the ST or the new Mini MINI - it'll all come down to which one comes in the best colour
  5. Just seen the pics of the new ST on Autoexpress - who's going to be getting one of those then?
  6. With a custom paint job of course . . .
  7. Nice car - does seem odd seeing one without the bigger wheels on too. . . . (although each to their own)
  8. Princess - you have surpassed me for the number of posts - I guess I need to get more active on the site again . . .
  9. Yes you will - now if you had gone for Squeeze . . . . LOL
  10. Unfortunately the green one is not a good match for Squeeze and looks just wrong . . .
  11. You have to go for the one YOU want coz it is you that has to live with it (my other half brought mine and it is not what I would have picked but hey-ho . . .)
  12. Not sure about standard spec's for the new cars but I would suggest sorting out the spec you want on the Ford site and then go on one of the on line car sales sites (drive the deal - buy a car - etc.) and that will give you a guide as to what to push a 'High Street' dealer down to. If you are not good at negotiations then find 2 unrelated dealers and get one to quote for the spec you want, take this price to the second dealer and see if the second can match it. Once done, go back to the first dealer and try them again . . . I ended up getting mine, on the road, for just over 14K
  13. Why not V111 AAL (Villa AL)?
  14. If you are going to be putting a red S badge on the grill have you thought about white with red text for the overlay? Alternatively, get the Ford badge removed, the bonnet and bumper filled in and repainted and just have the S badge?
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