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  1. Smashing day :D I also 'won' a keyring, however I think it was just to keep me from having a tantrum for not winning anything Cheers Mark!
  2. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Yippee! I'm excited to see you all again, it's been toooo long :) Also, if Mark is unavailable after tomorrow then anyone with any issues getting there give me a PM and I'll forward you my number.
  3. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    It is indeed Macca :) anyone is welcome to come along.
  4. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    It's looking very promising isn't it! The old memory could still fail me though ;)
  5. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Ooohh I want the keyring!! My bunch of keys simply isn't big enough :D Way looking forward to the meet! Not long now guuuyyyss!
  6. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I'll definitely not be eligible!! Fabio hasn't seen a 'mirror finish' since he was a wee baba. He's happy with the rustic look ;)
  7. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Excellent news Rob :D the more the merrier! What are we classing as a 'clean' car? if we are going by Dan's standards I will be disqualified from the Dodo competition
  8. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    OI WENCH! I've Facebooked you like a million times. STOP IGNORING MEEEE! Chatzy anyone?
  9. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    No no, it's best you don't ask how. You'll only get upset!
  10. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Don't panic. Fabio has been clean and I no longer need to replace him :D
  11. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I'm 99.9% sure I'll remember to turn up!! You buying a new car has made me want to get one now damnit! Fabio is dirty and I can't clean him easily on my driveway so it's just easier to buy a new one. I loooove all the toys on the new Focus, however they don't do a 3 door version... No thanks!
  12. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    We can have a Tour of 'usual chats' including all cars so as no one feels left out ;) I'm excited for the meet! Us 3 are sitting together yeah?? Standard! Anyone from my way (Herts) want to convoy then give me a shout.
  13. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I like it Mikey :)
  14. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Yippeeeeee... That was only half sarcasm ;)
  15. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Oh go on then, I'll try to remember to come
  16. If you leave the petrol pump in after filling and count to 10 before taking it out then you get no spillages on the floor. Works for me!
  17. Don't think I've gone below 11 miles before. I do try to fill it up as soon as the light comes on though, I find the 'Ping ping' annoying everything I start the engine
  18. Have you got a name for you car?

    Mines called Fabio... Long and boring story as to why
  19. Yowser, that looks painful! I hit one a few weeks ago near new houses being built, they were digging up the drains. The first few days there were temporary traffic lights around the holes, then over the weekend some genius decided they didn't need barricading in and then BANG, there goes £200. Filled in the day after, not a leg to stand on really.
  20. Hello Every One

    Welcome, enjoy your stay :)
  21. Intro

    Welcome :)
  22. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap!

    Not a fan of the matte Fiesta, detracts from the styling of the bodywork IMO! Makes it look like a bubble
  23. I am also quite partial to a 205 GTi, too. They're super fun to drive :D
  24. Apple Stickers On Cars

    "At some point in some traffic jam, you'll make a fellow nerd's day." For that reason Certainly made mine, geeeeek.
  25. Hmm don't know about best, obviously I'd have to say the Fiesta ;) However the worst would be a toss up between a Seat Arosa and a Mini One...Rubbish!