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  1. Car Painting Help!!!

    I'm hoping to get my car wrapped or painted as soon as I get it but I've been told different things about declaring it and if it has to go as a modification my insurance flies up! Any help??? The picture is the colour I'm going for
  2. My New Car

    get a cable tie through the cable mate!
  3. West Midlands Wrapping

    So fingers crossed in the next week I will have my new zetec s but im planning on getting it vinyl wrapped! does anyone know of any good companys around the west midlands? seen one or two sites but had no replies to emails and sites don't look 100% legit!
  4. My New Car

    who knows yours might not break! may aswell to get it looking nicer inside for you
  5. My New Car

    at £28 a handle they aren't cheap to replace each month either!
  6. My New Car

    yeah but they just as easily break again aha! usually you get one problem after the other (the cable coming loose at the bottom and slipping out or the handle just snapping) I know a lot of people with this shape fiesta and 9/10 have had to replace a number of times!
  7. My New Car

    she has 3 at her house (moms, hers, dads) and all 3 have had replacements and they've broke so its a common problem with all 3 door fiesta box shapes
  8. My New Car

    wouldn't even bother with seat handle mate! girlfriends had her car since march and we've gone through two on each seat, using a cable tie now as we were paying 28 pound a handle
  9. My New Car

    little stunner, she as tidy as she looked?
  10. My New Car

    sure I saw this on ebay! had an eye on it myself aha
  11. Ford Fiesta Conversion

    Not at all aha! I'll have the St badge when I can afford the insurance that comes with it!
  12. Ford Fiesta Conversion

    I'm thinking I'll only have to tweak a few things with a 1.6 zetec engine instead of a replacement
  13. Ford Fiesta Conversion

    And I'm not trying to trick anyone with the conversion! It will just be the body kit and interior I won't be getting St badges either, just prefer that kit to any other!
  14. Ford Fiesta Conversion

    That's not mine yet just one I was looking at! I'm thinking of a 1.6 zetec 3 door after looking through, and its 5k cheaper on insurance after declaring modifications!
  15. Ford Fiesta Conversion

    Will do dan, and I was really tempted by one but now I've got an idea of exactly what I want on a mk6 its just how I'm gonna get there