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  1. Thanks for the replies, following on with this. Since i last posted I have been away and havent had a chance to try out the suggestions, but what I did do was charge the battery and when I switched off the charger it read 12.50. I left it in the garage and when I got back I put a voltmeter on it and it read 11.90. Should a battery lose this amount over the course of 7 days?.
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I changed the starter motor on our C-Max 1.6TDCI and it started up fine when everything was all back together, when I went to use the car later in the day it would not turn over. I took the battery off and charged it for a while, put it back on and it turned over fine and started up without any problems. I went to use it today and it would not turn over and just clicked when turning the key. I put a voltmeter on the battery and it was only reading 11.40 volts. The battery was changed about 3 months ago by a breakdown company so i.m not sure if it could be that. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  3. Last week my temperature gauge started to go up and down erratically then stopped working. I noticed that the cooling fan was constantly on all the time the engine is running and for a few minutes after I switch the engine off. I had a new a new temperature cooling sensor fitted but both problems still remained. I had a diagnostic check done on it and it had an error code PO118 coolant temperature signal too high. We fitted yet another sensor in case the first was faulty but the problem is still the same. Any suggestions please where to look next?
  4. Non Start Help

    Hi, This sounds like an identical problem I had twice with my 2004 1.6 TDCI and it turned out to be a wiring problem with the loom which went into the ECU, (thats what the garage told and charged me for ) and its been fine ever since. Also with mine, it was after it had not been touched or started for a period of two weeks or more and they said water had got into the wiring. Don't know if this is any help but good luck.
  5. Strange Blowing Noise

    We own a 2006 1.8 TDCI and it has 74.000 on the clock. On Wednesday it started making a blowing noise similar to when you turn the heater blower on but its coming from under the bonnet somewhere. It only happens when your driving and happens when you get to about 2ooo RPM, weve tried revving it whilst stationary but the noise doesn't happen. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Chris.
  6. Ecu Problem

    I suffered from a similar problem to yours and mine turned out to be a wiring fault on both occasions, good luck and hope you get it sorted out.
  7. We've been having problems with the lock on the drivers door not working properly for a while now, putting the key in the lock does nothing at all and the central locking is a bit hit and miss and works when it wants to. i read on another site that of you turn the ignition on and off (when the ignition lights are lit and then turn the key but doen let the car start)four times, then an alarm sounds and you then push the button on the key. I did this and it worked as it should for a week or two then it starts to play up again :-/, does anyone know whether this is a solonoid problem or the reciever for the central locking ? this seems to be quite a common problem but no-one seems to know the answer, any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  8. Unlocking the car

    Ours did the same the other night much to the annoyance of the neighbours, couldnt find our usual keys so got the spare and when I opened the door the alarm went off and we had to put up with the noise until the alarm had done its bit, so I reckon its something that ford in their wisdom havent thought about and if we lose our remote keys we cant use our cars until we go and pay them shed loads of money for another remote key ? :-/
  9. lock driver door

    Hiya, i'm afraid i'm not offering you advice but i wanted to pick your brains as to how the door panel comes off, we have a 2004 model too and alas our drivers door lock doesnt work now, it started off by being a bit temprimental when using the remote to unlock the car but now it wont unlock at all and you have to climb in the back and lean over to do it from the inside, any advice as to how to remove the door trim would be good. many thanks and hope your near to sorting your problem out too.
  10. Irritating rear end rattle

    Hi all, thankyou for your replies and its good to know that its not only our car suffering with this annoying rattle, (that meant in a nice way :-) It recntly went in for an MOT and the mechanic said about a problem with the rear right caliper not working properly, but it turned out to be the handbrake cable not functioning on that side so alas we still have our rattle and as its been like itfor so long and the car has done at least 20,000 with the rattle we reckon we have to live with it until the brakes needs doing again and then get the pad carriers changed too. Many thanks again for your replies and advice.
  11. Irritating rear end rattle

    hi, we have a 2004 1.6 tdc-i c-max with 120,000 on the clock, it has acquired a rather irritating rattle on the rear end somewhere, it happens when you go over bumps and also when your traveling at low speed, it seems to be in time with a wheel turning but when you rest your foot slightly on the brake peddle it goes away :-/, its had new discs and pads, and nothing that can be seen or shaken seems to be loose. i vaughly remember reading an article about a hub problem on some focus's but cannot remember which model or year focus's they were. any advice anyone please ??