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  1. The tensioner for the cam belt bolts on to the water pump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi I have a mountune manifold and sports cat to fit on my 2012 Fiesta S1600 1.6, what is it like to replace them and what way is best ? Also I’ve read that the lambda sensor wiring need to be extended is this true? Thanks for any information Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I’ve been trying to find the paint code for my 2012 blue fiesta S1600, going by information on the internet it’s the second up from the bottom on the chassis plate which on mine it’s JG but I can’t find what this paint code is. Can anyone give any information of the name for the paint on the Blue fiesta S1600. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’ve looked and they only do none resonated for the standard zetec s but the S1600 has a cut out in the rear diffuser for the exhaust and the standard zetec s exhaust hangs lower under the diffuser Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi im looking for a exhaust for my 2012 fiesta s1600 134bhp and I’ve been told that a cat back system for the ST180 will fit is this true ?, only reason I’m looking at the ST180 exhaust is that I can get a milltek cat back none resonated system, but for the S1600 I can only find resonated systems and I want none resonated. Thanks for any information
  6. Hi just bought a 2012 fiesta S1600 134bhp and I’ve been trying to find a non-resonated exhaust system that fits the S1600’s rear valance with the cut out for the exhaust, all I seem to be able to find are ones for the standard Zetec S. Can anyone recommend a exhaust please that fits the valance. Thanks in advance Dan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. The car is on finance and I got the car from a Seat dealer, the manager keeps saying there not specialist in ford and not sure on the engines etc, so that's why they sent it to ford and because ford said it's fine that's what they are going with even tho there master tech said it knocks
  8. Hi I had a post a few weeks ago about my 2011 fiesta zetec s with the Ti-vct engine about it being noisy when first started in the morning, I've only had the car about 6 weeks, recently it's gotten noisier so I booked it in with the dealer I got it from for them to look at under warranty, there master tech was unsure about it but confirmed it had a knock. They did a oil flush and changed the oil and filter, I tried the car over the weekend and it was still the same, so I took it back in and the dealer took it to ford but ford say it's perfect when it's not. I've been to another garage and they say there is something wrong with it and it's not right when it's only covered 20k on a 2011 plate, I've heard other cars with the same engine and they are quiet compared to mine even ones that have more then double the mileage, also it's starting to get noisy when warm now. So I would like any help on where I stand with the car and what would recommend doing next, they had two attempts at trying to fix it but have not, would the next step be to go to trading standards ? Thanks in advance for any help/info , I really am at a loss with it Dan
  9. Thanks for the welcome and glad it nothing to worry about at first I thought it was low on oil lol
  10. So are the 1.6 ti-vct engines normally a bit louder and on the tappy side when they start after being stood for a period of time
  11. Yea it does a little, it's quiet once it's warmed up abit tho
  12. Hi my names Dan and I'm new here. Just picked up my new car yesterday it's a 2011 ford fiesta 1.6 zetec s with 19k on the clock, it's a great car, it's a unusual colour too, believe it's called Dark micastone. I've got one question about the engine it's the 1.6 ti-vct engine and I noticed today when you start the engine from cold it's noisier then I would of thought normal, like a tappet noise, can't hear it in the car or when driving only when stood next to the car when it's idling, I've read that the ti-vct engines can be noisy on first start up is this true? Other then that I'm loving the car and hoping to mountune it eventually :) Thanks in advance for any info Dan