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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Diesel leak

    Thank you for your time. I guess yours is fixed. I am ex trade but just looking for an answer here. Yes it is all very awkward to get at and I will be taking the radiator down next so I can see in there better.Do you know how much it was for the pump to be overhauled?
  2. Fiesta Mk4 Diesel leak

    Hi, I'm running a nice clean mk4 diesel as a second car and over past few weeks a drip of diesel running off the bottom hose has been evident. She's fitted with the endura de engine. Got it on ramps yesterday and could see leak appeared to be coming off rear of the pump. Managed to get rear support mounting off the pump and thought it was coming from little pipe and banjo connection. Took banjo connector off and renewed washers but still got a leak in that area. It does not leak from start up but after a few mins running. It only leaks when running. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar with any other ford fitted with this engine that could direct me towards perhaps what is a common fault? Cant say that it is this banjo connection at fault really? My next course of action is to get her back on the ramps and get radiator out etc so I can get at the pump better but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.