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  1. rustyroger

    (Can of Worms) Petrol grades

  2. rustyroger

    A/C drain.

    My 51 plate Fiesta Ghia is getting a wet carpet as far as I can tell because water isn't draining from the A/C evaporator unit. Is it easy to get to?, and is it a common problem?. Thanks in advance; Roger.
  3. rustyroger

    (Can of Worms) Petrol grades

    If you are keeping up with maintenance and in particular not skimping on oil then it's very doubtful you save anything by using anything other than the cheapest fuel you car will run properly with. I know plenty of people swear by expensive brands, normally the only evidence they supply to back their claims is their 'Butt Dyno'. Roger.
  4. rustyroger

    Intermittent misfire - weak coil pack?.

    I replaced the coil pack today, so far all is well!. :) Roger.
  5. rustyroger

    HELP Sierra 1992 2.0i dohc

    I worked on cars of similar vintage, several times I found a faulty temperature sender was telling the computer the engine was as cold as it could be, so it would set the enrichment full on, flooding the engine and diluting the oil. Roger.
  6. rustyroger

    Any Mustang Owners Out There?

    A bit late to this thread I know. But there is a national Mustang owners club, try googling it. If you look up American Cars UK on Facebook that should lead you to like minded people. Roger.
  7. rustyroger

    2 star safety rating

    Smashing your car sideways on into effectively an rsj is gonna hurt. I go to American shows both here and in the USA, sadly there are always a bunch of numpties who think it clever to drive like the fool in the video, and a collection of equally dumb people who like to watch. It it far worse in the USA than over here, but regrettable wherever it occurs. Roger.
  8. rustyroger

    First Ford Since 1969!

    Hi Richard, back in the day Corsairs only looked like Corsairs, as a budding petrolhead I could recognise most cars on the road then from some distance, often by sound alone!. No doubt about it, modern cars are better in every dynamic than old ones, but I can't tell most of them apart now. Still, I hope you enjoy your Fiesta. Roger.
  9. Roger from Margate, Kent here. I've been a member since June 2015, so I think I'm a little overdue saying Hi. I have a 2001 Fiesta Ghia 1.25. A very pleasant small car, although my passion is for gas guzzling American V8 iron. However as a practical everyday car it makes much more sense. I guess like many other members I haven't troubled the forum until my car troubled me. I have posted a thread in the Fiesta section asking for help. Looking forward to being a bit more active here. Regards; Roger.
  10. rustyroger

    First Time Poster?

    If you quote the number plate to your local motor factor they will know which part you need. Aftermarket pumps are readily available, and often substantially cheaper than genuine Ford items. Roger.
  11. My 2001 Zetec 1.25 fiesta has a misfire that comes and goes. When it is missing I hear crackling through the radio. I have traced the culprit to #2 cylinder (2nd from cam belt side), I have replaced the plug leads, which made no difference, and swapped the spark plug with #1 which also had no effect. Lifting one lead at a time is how I made my diagnosis. I have given it a compression check, all cylinders are showing about 180 psi, with less than 2% variation. So I thought it must be a bad injector, quite simple to do, but that too has made no difference. When I pulled the plug leads it seemed to me there was a more powerful spark on the the other cylinders. I still had a spark but perhaps not the lightning bolts from#s 1,3, and 4. Is this just my imagination?. I'm guessing the coils are one per cylinder, rather one coil firing two cylinders. Before I throw money at this, does anyone have experience of similar issues?. Am I looking in the right direction?. Or is there something else I should check?. The engine light has come on btw. Roger.
  12. rustyroger

    mk4 heater control valve???

    It seems the heater control valves are a noted troublespot. I learned the hard way that cheap replacements from ebay and other websites are not much good. However my local motor factor supplied me with a good one for about £25 if memory serves. It's still working fine. Roger.