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  1. Thats easy. Just leave it stood for 3 weeks and it wont just not rattle it won't even move 😂
  2. Not keen myself but each to their own.
  3. Just looked myself on auto trader and ours is retailing at roughly £19k give or take a few quid. Put the reg into WBAC and came back with a figure of just under £15k ........I think the Audi A3 saloon ive spotted might have to wait .......
  4. Intresting read. Is this the same 1.5 diesel unit thats in the mk4 focus ? Ours is almost 18 months old with just over 9k miles on the clock and not had any of the issues mentioned as of yet. My daily commute is now down to a round trip of 12.5 miles.
  5. Keep your finger on the fob for longer. There is a longer delay on opening than there is for closing. Failing that you can re set it from the handbook but do check the box is ticked in the sub menu on the dash. If theres not enough power in reserve on the battery perhaps its too low to operate the windows all at once ?
  6. I do have one but its not connected to the tinternet as its the original one along with a mega drive 👍
  7. My current monthly rollover is 15Gb for £13pm with Virgin mobile ( not Virgin media) any unused data carriers over its currently at 35Gb. No landline. No satellite. No problems. All you need is either a smart TV or a chromecast and away you go.
  8. Use your phones internet connection. We have for the last 5 yrs. Works fine for Netflix and Amazon prime and much more.
  9. I'm sticking to the 12 months or 10k routine. Weve had the car almost a year ( Friday). Since weve purchased the car at 6 months old with 3k on the clock its had its 12 month service when it was due date wise as the car had only covered a grand total of 7300 miles. Its now covered 9000 miles and since the service it has already requested the "oil service" within the last 1700 miles. There's no way that im changing the oil and filter every 1700 miles. Its had its longest run for a while today with a round trip almost all motorway 160 miles. Back to the commute tomorrow with a grand total of 7 miles 😂
  10. To the non technical part of your question my answer would be no. Had my mk 4 st line x just over a year and tbh all in all I wish id kept hold of my 2014 MK3. For me the paint is woefully thin already have two stone chips on drivers door and one large one just above the front grill. Stop start very rarely works if at all. Too many rattles on uneven roads. HUD and infotainment screen and glove box. Already had a new battery ar just under 10 months old after not using the car for 2 weeks. It doesn't fill me with much hope now I'm only travelling 7 miles a day so i can see another new battery shortly once the darker months arrive. No where near as good on fuel as the last one. Currently at 55 mpg from an easily obtained 63 mpg in the previous one. Plus points....its looks nice ......
  11. Wino

    Tyre size

    There was / is a tyre chart option on Blackcircles which allows you to compare tyre sizes due to car make model and to be within legal tolerances. I've just had a quick look but could find the chart ( it allows you to tinker with alternatives). Perhaps it's been removed ? A bit of time on Google and you should be able to find it. Good luck.
  12. Why would I have to press the Brake button to engage the Handbrake when the Autohold does that for me ? Depress the Auto hold to then to press the brake button to engage what would of been done with the previous button beung left alone. I don't think its me who is confused 😂
  13. It does make you wonder why they (Ford) actually bothered to put the electric brake button in to begin with and have the Auto hold on as a permanent replacement but perhaps that might be due to the legality if for some reason it doesn't apply. Oddly enough during todays outing I forgot to switch off the stop start with faffing around with the Auto hold to begin with. Didn't make a blind bit of difference still never came on despite showing 12.6v on the gismo and charging at 14.6v through the entire journey 🙄 Has anyone else had both the Stop start and Auto hold work together at the same time ? 😄
  14. No. Eachtime ( 3 occasions) I parked up in a car park and switched off the car it came on automatically.
  15. Used the Auto Hold today for the first time. First impressions. I Think it depends largely on your driving style. ....yeah it saves me from applying the handbrake when I park up but on a 50 mile round trip it came on twice both times when I was facing downhill at traffic lights in stationary traffic. Other times when I came to a stop it didnt engage which I think is because I'm not a heavy braker. On those occasions it didnt apply I put my foot firmly to the floor once the car had stopped and it did come on. My conclusion is yeah it works and does what it says on the tin providing you have a right foot made of lead or suffer from Elephantitus or perhaps have a regular twitch or spasm 😄 I will leave it engaged for a while as it saves me from putting on the electric brake each time I park up.