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  1. Wino

    Have a laugh

    After last night's pathetic performance, I don't care if Kane ever plays for England again and as for the manager, the sooner he goes the better.
  2. The window itself was going up and then coming back down and stopping halfway when trying to close it (Bounce back) reset it and it's been fine.
  3. Having to faff about re setting the drivers window this morning. Worked fine yesterday until the Mrs had it for the day 🙄
  4. If the aircon works so well then why do they put in a separate heating system ( The old way) to begin with ? I've rarely used the aircon in any car I've had. I can't recall ever switching this one on in the MK4. The MK3 previous used to annoying though as the aircon always came on as default as soon as you turned the blower from 0 to 1. Perhaps I should start using it.
  5. Wino

    Have a laugh

    You're choosing the wrong women to begin with.
  6. Wino

    Have a laugh

    Bread on the left but I don't know the name of the other.....I feel I should do as I recognise them but can't put a name to em at all. I could have a guess....Sticks, knife, butter,bin 🤣
  7. Not spoken or seen mine for 14 yrs.
  8. Hopefully get chance later as will probably be on news or like you mention online in some form or other.
  9. Looking like I'm having the same reaction as I did with the first jab. Arm throbbing and feel like I've been hit by a bus. Today's 10.5hrs shift is gonna be fun ☹️
  10. Had the 2nd part of the AZ jab this afternoon. Bigger queues this time around so it took a lot longer. Appointments for both of us today should of been at 12:40 we arrived at 12:20 and didn't get the jab until 13:50. At least it done for now until we all need a booster. No arm ache this time around as of yet.
  11. The Galaxy will melt in the hot sunny weather 🍫
  12. Possibly but it's anyones guess as to when. I thought pri es would of started to drop around Oct/ Nov when perhaps the financial restraints of Covid start kicking in which would put prices back to pre Covid levels.
  13. Lol It seems the property market atm is going nuts. We had 9 viewings ( VIP) that are all ready to move in other words first time buyers with mortgages in place and ready to go. Out of those 9 viewings we had four offers from the asking price to 15k above ........
  14. Yes it was WBAC they have a site cabin in a shopping centre car park ( classsy) lol about 1.5 miles away. That's exactly what I said to the Mrs.
  15. Recieving an email first thing this morning that the property we were after has now soared beyond our reach ☹️
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