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  1. Had an enjoyable afternoon at the Savoy (Cinema not the Hotel) only 8 people in to watch the Bond movie on a Tuesday afternoon. Who says theres a downside to working weekends 👍
  2. There's no need to remove any really providing you have a valve to flush the system to begin with.
  3. Does the system gets flushed when you have your service ? Always have ours flushed and drained then filled up including the additive. Never had cold spots within a radiator. Hope it's nothing more sinister and you get it sorted.
  4. I know the system has a sludge inhibitor addative as the same engineers have been servicing it since it was built (5yrs) as we used on our previous houses. It's due for service in January so I'll get him to remove the rest of the "Geo Cosy" infrastructure when he's here.
  5. Spending the best part of today trying to figure out why the upstairs heating works faultlessly and the downstairs won't ( Dual Thermostats) eventually found the culprit after removing and checking the actuators did work correctly in the first place. Could of saved hours of messing around if the previous owners had mentioned that they had a system installed to override the thermostats via wifi. Switched that off and bingo it all works correctly.
  6. No it hasn't but I'm often told that I'm a few cells short from time to time 🤔
  7. It seems to stay at 13.1v and briefly goes to 13.0v for perhaps 1 second then stays at 13.1v for a while and rinse and repeat with all 5 segments lit.
  8. Lol. After having typed my previous post it has dropped back to 13.1v and all 5 segments are full. 👍 I think it's done 😄
  9. I'm thinking along the line that it wasn't put on the charger for long enough first time around although all 5 segments were lit and it was reading 13.1v. I've put on charge about an hour ago and it's gone from 12.2v all the way up to 15v and dropped back down to 13.2v and keeps creating the same process but each time it drops down its reading slightly goes up so up to 15v down to 13.2v then up to 15v down to 13.3v > 13.4v>13.5v and so on. The instructions are not very clear tbh but I'm presuming it goes through this mode of up/down until it reaches its maximum SOC.
  10. Update ...... With the weather turning colder and commuting in darker mornings and evenings also having used the aircon and heated seat during this weeks commute with a grand total of 52.3 miles mostly around town so stuck the charger on this morning to see what it is reading and 12.2v down from 13.1v after last weeks charge. Will it do any longer term damage to the battery if I keep putting it on charge on a regular basis ?
  11. Could the EU version be different to the UK version ? Hence why its showing a gear stick and not the dial for the autos ?
  12. Let's not forget or over look the big black button on the dash near the steering wheel...... It say push to start and push to stop. If your that bothered about the S/S not working the press the ***** button 👍
  13. I often find the S/S won't work during a long run but as I've said before I do think that the system stores the energy and release to the battery gradually which is reliant on " Key cycles" ie stopping the engine locking the car and restarting. Seem to find a day or so after the long run the S/S begins to work until normal practice is resumed.
  14. Was it the electric 5 tonne jack that plugs into one of the car ports by any chance ?
  15. I was told by the Brither in law who runs his own garage to NEVER jump start the car ( mk4 Focus) as it may cause damage to the electronics. Right or wrong I dunno I just drive the car 🤔
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