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  1. I thought it was significant to include as it's a security deterrent which is the basis of this topic. I only noticed it the other day (the Dashcam) as I'd parked the Noddy car nose to tail with his on the road outside as we still can't get two cars back on the driveway due to the damn birds. Tbh, I'd find using either a pain with the constant on/off everytime you nip out for something, but that's just me.
  2. Same here although it's very rare its switched on and not too sure why you seem confused to the earlier post @StephenFord.
  3. Our neighbour has a 14 plate Fiesta ST and he uses the stop lock all the time. He also has a dashcam fitted.
  4. OUCH..... Here's me thinking that £150 was a tad on the high side for the cambelt change on the noddy car. Definitely find out what the 4yr service includes. Good luck.
  5. If the Fiesta works on the the same platform as the Focus then like for like with battery and no recoding was required on the Mk4 Focus just a straight swap.
  6. Was the same at "Spoons" yesterday....was gonna call for some lunch but the app said there was a 15 to 20 mins wait for food so we didnt bother and came home instead. Ended up with a glass of red with my lunch instead of a pint of Shipyard IPA ☹️
  7. Getting the "Noddy car" back home from the Brother in Laws garage after having the timing belt done. Note to self, write it down in the service schedule.
  8. Our recently acquired Noddy car ( Picanto) had £30 of petrol put in it 3 weeks ago and the needle has hardly moved and its covered a grand total of 68 miles.
  9. That's correct. I cant even reset the ***** oil life without hooking upto the Laptop and Forscan.
  10. Further looking into the Fridge Freezer which is now 8 hrs old and cost us roughly around £480 IIRC with a 10yr warranty on the compressor. It's a Samsung blah blah blah with a digital inverter and LED temperature settings. When we purchased it it was rated A. I've put the model no onto google and it now comes up as E rated lol. I know the A to G usage tables were changed a while ago so I've looked into a "new greener" one and the best selling one is a Miele A++ a mere snip at £1700 😲 and compared the annual consumption figures 256kw to 233kw from our current one to this and the difference equates to 23kw. Not a lot of difference overall unless I'm reading the figures wrong and 23kw is a huge amount 🙈
  11. Oh dear, why did I look in here, lol Forgot to mention the wifi dongle which is plugged in too. So now gone through the whole house and switched off what was left on. So we have 2 x thermostats, 2 x hard wired smoke alarms, 1 x house alarm (sensors on battery power). Built in microwave oven displaying time. Fridge freezer and a security camera ( webcam type) and a smart meter device that plugs into socket. Turned off the wifi dongle and our draw is now 17w until the fridge freezer kicks in then it goes up to anything from 50 to 112. fridge is set to 5 degrees and freezer set to -17 as per recommendations. Today is starting to feel like Apollo 13..............
  12. IIRC all that's on tick over here is... 2 x thermostats, 2 x hard wired smoke alarms, 1 x house alarm (sensors on battery power). Built in microwave oven displaying time. Fridge freezer and a security camera ( webcam type) and a smart meter device that plugs into socket. Currently showing 50w. Our biggest draw is the Fridge Freezer, switched it off for 10 mins and the power consumption dropped to a steady 19w 😮
  13. Had a nosey on Adsa tyres and it's the only one so far that I've found listing the Michelin PS5's but they are £10 dearer per tyre than the PS4's but allegedly wear better.
  14. Just to follow on from @StephenFord a job well done @TomsFocus might have a look at QMH as our Focus has been insured with Aviva for the last 2yrs. No luck here. £24 dearer for the year.
  15. We will be looking to replace the front two rubber bands pretty soon, perhaps within the next two months. What sort of mileage have other folk got out of theirs ? Just over 17k on our Focus atm but mainly short steady journeys.
  16. No rookery here but have 2 fishing ponds very close which doesn't help but yes, the water less wax is great stuff. Always have a bottle of it in the boot with a microfiber cloth.
  17. Don't like that the bl00dy birds have been using the TV aerial as a perch and Pooping point so have to park the Focus at the far end of the driveway and the Noddy car on the road. Had an anti bird spike fitted yesterday and theres still bird droppings on the driveway this morning where the Focus would of been parked...grrrrrrrrrr.
  18. Didn't someone post about it a while ago suggesting that's some Fords were fitted with the wrong one ?
  19. It's a shame the SOC can't be added to the dash screen like the auto lock can.
  20. Goat stew. Try it you won't be disappointed.
  21. A goat would be better, milk on tap and plenty of meat and a warm coat for the winter, lol.
  22. I said the same yesterday to the Mrs as we decided to do some ferrying around in the "Noddy car" yesterday and got cut up by a nob in his Sportage who was in the wrong lane at a major set of lights. I've had 3 instances on my short commute to work since I've been driving the "Noddy car" (Picanto) first one was a 21 plate transit van trying to get into the boot and eventually overtaking me directly after a roundabout in a single lane 30mph road on the wrong side of the road with a pelican crossing 20m ahead with a pedestrian waiting to cross and also only a further 50m from the next roundabout. The mind boggles. The other instances are just the usual tailgating tactics trying to intimidate as they are in a bigger car and I'm 90% certain that none of these would of happened if I was in the Focus.
  23. Buying newer / latest isn't always progress as most on here have already found out, myself included. Have recently bought a 12 yr old Picanto with 38k on the clock for my 3 mile commute to work 4 days a week as the Mrs has started a new job so now has the Focus and the Picanto is quieter and more comfortable ride than the Focus by a long way. Had it up on the ramps at the Brother in laws garage yesterday and the only fault he could find was a cracked exhaust bracket which he fixed there and then and hes the type that would find fault with his own shadow, lol. I said at the time that I wonder if the Focus would fair the same after 12 years and he burst out laughing and went on to say that most of the modern cars ( upto 3yrs old) are all suffering with corrosion issues more than anything.
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