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  1. Good evenimg guys. Apologies if this has already been asked but my temp gauge is fluctuating from cold to hot to cold. Cold air through heaters unless the Ac heating light comes on and temp stays below halfway. What i guess im asking is, where is the location of the sensor? I have already done a thermostat housing and thermostat change so i know that cannot be the problem. Tyia folks
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    How To Remove....

    Cheers buddy
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    How To Remove....

    Plastic trim buddy. I know i can always rely on you ;)
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    How To Remove....

    Hi guys can somebody tell me how this comes off? Thanks in advance
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    Egr Valve

    Thank you
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    Egr Valve

    They are mate just wondered which 1.
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    Egr Valve

    Cheers buddy
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    Egr Valve

    With or without hole.
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    Egr Valve

    Can somebody tell me which 1 is best to blank off my egr valve please? Many thanks in advance.
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    Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    1.8tdci FORD FOCUS Hi guys, Had my car hooked up to car computer no codes. As i said few days ago it seems to have no power in 3rd and 4th gear when i go to put my foot down. Would this definately point to egr problem?
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    Hi Everyone

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    Numpty Question About Haynes Manual

    1.8 2008 plate mine
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    Help Needed!

    No harm in getting a quote buddy.
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    Numpty Question About Haynes Manual

    Is this the badger guys? Tyia