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  1. Hello people.

    No there 17's, why you ask?
  2. Air Filters on Mk6's

    I dont know if anyone has ever done this but instead of taking the original air filter box of, Ive seen some where a pipe has gone through and come out the other end. Im thinknig of doing this but I dont have one idea on what I need at the moment. Anyone any ideas?
  3. Fiesta Meet

    Just keeping it easy ha. Wouldnt be able afford a new one me yet. First car this one you see.
  4. Hello people.

    Ha. Only thing which winds me up, its the ST logo on side, its blatantly not an ST and when I payed for the stripes I specifically asked not for the ST logo.
  5. Fiesta Meet

    Hmmm, god knows where we could all go. Im honestly not fussed how far away it is either, just hope something gets sorted. Been looking around for abit you see.
  6. Fiesta Meet

    Sound. When you say, fairly central location... Where do you mean? Im always free on a Sunday afternoon so I'll be up for it.
  7. Fiesta Meet

    Im new on here but will there be any again soon or not?
  8. Hello people.

    Hello all. Been trying to find a site for Fiestas for ages to chat about and get along with people. Just here to get along with people and learn new things and get tips & ideas of other members. Thanks, Baz. My Ford Fiesta