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  1. It's UV light from the sun that degrades the outer surface of the polycarbonate lenses. You may feel it rough to touch. You can use progressively finer grades of wet and dry sandpaper to remove the degraded plastic to restore it to smooth and shiny Seal them afterwards to prevent the same happening again
  2. Could be leaking injector seals. A notorious problem on the 1.4
  3. They may have removed the air filter box and fuel filter to improve access if they were working at the back of the engine? When you disconnect the fuel filter you can hear the fuel draining back into the tank as you are letting air in Like Ticktock said, pump the priming bulb to get rid of the air, keep going until it is quite firm. It can still take a couple of attempts to start as the system will bleed itself further when the engine is running
  4. Well I guess if you spilt oil on tarmac, the tarmac is mostly non-reflecting (it mostly absorbs light, thus appears black) so you wouldn't get the same interference This explains the mechanism behind the phenomenon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin-film_interference Fuel on water would have the same result
  5. It's iridescence - oil floats on water and what you see is the result of interference between light reflecting off of the top of the oil layer, and light bouncing back from the top of the water underneath, having gone through the oil The different colours result from the different thickness of the oil film in different places
  6. Mine has a big sticker on the outside rear of the glovebox with all the fuses and what they do. Open it, push in the catches at the side and it drops down further. Should be stuck on the back!
  7. Yeah it was proper nasty. Wouldn't wish it on anyone
  8. Like Gary, I had (or should I say still have) UC. Went from completely normal to very ill in a matter of two weeks, in late 2010. Went on multiple medications, including steroids, anti-inflammatories and immuno-suppressants. Ended up having emergency surgery when I was meant to be sitting my A-level exams and have had a further 3 operations during uni. So practically speaking I'm 'cured' but chances are the underlying reason, whatever it was, is still there. In my experience, what you describe doesn't, to me, sound like UC or Crohn's. Otherwise chances are you would be bleeding from behind. It was confirmed by flexible sigmoidoscopies/endoscopies (camera up the rear) and a biopsy. Having seen the inside of my colon on a screen in front of me you can clearly see straight away that something's wrong! It was only due to my friend's Mum working in the hospital that I got a quick referral to the relevant peeps and was diagnosed pretty quick. Worst case scenario it's Crohn's, second place UC, in which case the best team to be treated by are the gastro peeps at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. They alongside St. Marks (or it might have been St. Thomas') in London pioneered the surgery for it in the 80's.
  9. Getting a puncture on the M6 caused by what looks like a hooked Stanley knife blade
  10. As for the beige/orange stuff in the bottom of the wheel well I'd think it was some kind of sealant
  11. I believe in the upper pictures those patches that look like welding are some gunk for sound deadening - adds weight to the sheet metal to dampen its vibrations
  12. Also the Haynes manual admits that this sort of issue might be beyond a DIY mechanic..
  13. I seem to remember that if you're going to take out the seats then I think you need to disconnect the battery before you unplug the wires underneath as you might set the seatbelt pre-tensioners off Even then you should wait a little while as the system has it's own reserve power source which supplies juice in case of a break in the main electrical supply
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