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  1. Yeah, pretty poor show. It’s worse with the case on too.
  2. The camera bump on the iPhone 12 has stopped wireless charging working for me in the Focus.
  3. This lad here has lots of good videos (in German but with subtitles) showing what can be done with FORScan. It’s a good place to start. FORScan forums very helpful too.
  4. No problem at all Geoff, happy to help.
  5. I chose the OBDLink EX after reading through the recommended cables on the FORScan forums. Tunnelrat is a very popular cable and less than a third of the price. The only advantage the OBDLink has over it is that it automatically switches between MSCAN & HSCAN.
  6. Hi Geoff, I left the language selection setting blank on the Syn3Updater settings screen. That only changes the Syn3Updater display language. Cheers, Col
  7. For anyone interested, here’s how the climate screens and home screen buttons look after enabling them on Sync 3.4. Dual zone working properly, driver and passenger buttons controlling their respective sides. Voice control of temperature now possible. Home screen with heated seats and steering wheel buttons. Heated seats and steering wheel switched on. Status bar icons. Main climate screen. Additional climate controls.
  8. Ordered the M330 on Saturday, can’t wait!
  9. Yeah, I’m afraid it’s only the language that can be changed. It would be nice to have different voice options too though.
  10. Hi Geoff, Everything went fine for me. I started the car and let Sync boot fully to the home screen. I then went into vehicle settings via the steering wheel buttons and turned off “Max 30 minute idle”. (Don’t worry about turning this back on afterwards, it will re-enable itself after engine off.) After that I plugged the USB drive into the centre console port making sure there was nothing plugged into any other USB port) and the install started. Cyanlabs will install whatever version of Sync and Maps you choose and it will automatically select and install the latest corres
  11. They’ve made that track mode minus the pops and bangs haven’t they. Should be fun 😁
  12. Weird. It works when I click it. How about this https://www.scantool.net/obdlink-ex/
  13. OBDLink EX is the one I’m using. More expensive than most but worth it in my opinion.
  14. Hi @NortonSS @The1nonly1 As @unofixsaid, I made a few changes using FORScan to enable the climate screen and some other things. Here’s what I’ve changed so far Cheers, Col
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