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  1. Sorry @DaveG1975 I didn’t notice the folder name. Thanks @alexp999 for pointing that out.
  2. Officially this won’t work on Sync 3.0, it’s for Sync 3.2 and higher. If you were to get a hold of the Sync 3.4 update from Ford it would refuse to install on 3.0. There is an unofficial way to upgrade 3.0 to 3.4 using cyanlabs updater. That method uses a leaked Ford reformat tool which repartitions the APIM storage for the Sync 3.4 file system. 3.4 has a few issues running on older APIMs, one of which is a flicker when the screen brightness changes when dimming is set to auto.
  3. Yes you’ll need to power off then lock the doors after install. Unlock again then power on and you should have a lot more logos.
  4. Even though that's the correct logo file there are still a few missing. Here's a list of stations which don't have a logo: Magic Musicals Magic Chilled HITS RADIO UK Shared Access Absolute Radio 70s talkRADIO Love SPORT JACK Radio (UK) BFBS UK Sunrise Radio UK Absolute Rad 80s Planet Rock Times Radio (displays talkRADIO logo) BBC R5LiveSportX (2 stations, one logo missing) BBC Radio 5 Live Capital DANCE Smooth Chill Gold UK KISSTORY Heart 80s Capital UK
  5. Yes, that's correct the one for Sync 3.4.20136
  6. Sorry, no idea either. I've never been able to update over wifi as our signal at home is so weak outside and the FordPass app doesn't appear do anything regarding Sync updates for me.
  7. The OTA update does not download as many files as the zip download contains. I think you'll only get about four downloaded as Sync only downloads the files needed for our region. ProximusAI listed the files a while back in this thread:
  8. Perfect. You are good to go now. Install should take only a minute or two if that.
  9. That's the first and main navigation voice file.
  10. Yes but the autoinstall file looks like it's still just a text file which won't work. Delete that one and download this!AGWJAQznWSmct14&cid=3E72313DFB431897&id=3E72313DFB431897!10045&parId=3E72313DFB431897!105&o=OneUp one and copy it to your USB drive. It should look like this when it's done.
  11. Hi Dave, I’ve edited my post to include a direct link the the autoinstall.lst file. No need to edit file names. You have the correct DAB logo file and it doesn’t need to be unzipped. On your USB drive create a folder called SyncMyRide and copy the logo file in here. Download the new autoinstall file and copy this to your USB drive too. Make sure it isn’t in the SyncMyRide folder. You will then be ready to update your logo file.
  12. I was thinking about enabling it to see if it’s still reversed on the Mk4. Have you tried it on yours?
  13. You can find more detailed information about your map version in Sync’s diagnostic mode. To enter diagnostic mode the ignition has to be on or engine running. The radio has to be on and the audio tab fullscreen. Then press and hold the power and skip back buttons for a few seconds. Diagnostic mode will start with a speaker test, press the end test button and you will be on the Bezel Diagnostics screen. Select APIM > IVSU Versions. There will be a list of six files here. These are: 1. Sync app version. 2. Voice recognition version. 3. Gracenote version. 4. Map version. 5. Navigation Voice version. 6. DAB logo version. I am on the September 2020 release of F9 maps, ending BAG. The earlier F9 version ends BAF. This is how my IVSU Versions screen looks...
  14. No, that’s always been enabled. Haven’t had a problem with FordPass till the update to version 3.9.0 last week