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  1. Finally got these fitted today. The mountune front pads were still out of stock so I went with EBC Yellow Stuff for now. Looking forward to improved stopping power and less dust once they’re bedded in.
  2. What an ordeal. Glad it’s finally done.
  3. It might be worth running the standalone interrogator (the one that generates a log file). No need to upload the resulting log file to Ford though. Some people on the F-150 forums report that the MEM_ERR01 is gone and they can install map updates again after the interrogator has been run.
  4. Ah, that makes sense. The two files starting with H check software and hardware version before install. They will be the first two items in autoinstall.lst Thanks for posting the screenshot
  5. It’s just a blank file, nothing in it at all. It just tells Sync not to index the files on the USB drive so the update starts quicker. You can create your own by making a blank text file in notepad and save it with the file type set to ‘all files’ and name it DONTINDX.MSA (all capitals)
  6. As @Sneezy24 said you can download a standalone interrogator (log file generator) from the Troubleshooting section of the Sync update page. Once you’ve plugged that in the Update Completed message will show in under a minute. The xml file will be inside the SyncMyRide folder and will start with Sync and the serial number of your car’s APIM. Here’s how mine looked
  7. Ah, that’ll be why nothing happens when you plug your usb stick in. Have you still got the 21020 update zipped package? If you have, unzip it again to get the autoinstall.lst file and copy it to the root of your usb stick. All the other files in your SyncMyRide folder are correct for the update to 21020 although there are a couple of duplicates with _1 at the end. They can safely be deleted. Hope it goes well this time.
  8. Could you post a couple of screenshots of the layout of your usb drive. One showing what’s outside the SyncMyRide folder and one showing what’s inside the SyncMyRide folder. They should look like this: Outside Inside
  9. Hi Alex, The LST_ERR05 shows that the files listed in your autoinstall.lst don’t match the files in your SyncMyRide folder. When you copy the 21020 Sync update files over to the SyncMyRide folder on your USB drive you’ll have to copy the autoinstall.lst file that came with them too.
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