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  1. Clutch Judder On 09 Fiesta

    Evening, Its been a while since I have been on this site and its all changed, its been modernised ............ Anyway, I have a July 2009 Fiesta 1.6 Petrol Titanium model with 8,000 miles on it but now it has developed clutch judder for the first couple of goes on the clutch every morning, so not sure if something is sticking or what Is this a common problem ?? Has anyone else had similar problems on their new model Fiesta ?? Is it covered under the 3 year Ford warranty (or is it classed as "normal" wear and tear ?) - Its only 14 months old with 8k on clock !!! Cheers
  2. Ford Y Cable

    Oh forgot to say that whilst it makes an MP3 copy of your files it also keeps the original copy in whatever format it was in too, just in case you wanted it, thats why you need to do an MP3 search, let me know if it did what you wanted or not ta
  3. Ford Y Cable

    I have windows XP anyway :- In iTunes (on the main iTunes header) go Edit, Preferences, General Tab and then click Import Settings, in the drop down menu for “Import using” select MP3 Encoder (if that’s the format you want) and then click OK to save the settings Select the songs you want to convert (personally I used Edit, Select All) Then this time go to Advanced (on the main iTunes header) and create MP 3 version – This then converts songs to a different file format while keeping a copy of the original (but I don’t think you can't convert iTunes Store purchases as they are protected so you might need different software not sure why this would bother Apple as you have already bought it from them ?) Then find your iTunes folder or do a search for .MP3 files in your iTunes folder and then just copy them onto your USB stick Hope that helps

    Ok about 6 to 8 weeks ago there was a thread about a recall called 9S274 FIESTA 2008.75 – 1.6 PETROL – BRAKE BOOSTER VACUUM HOSE RECALL Forgive me if this is not the correct code but either way how many people have received notification from Ford that their 1.6 Petrol vehicle needs / or needed to go in for this modification Also, can someone tell me how long they need the car to do this please, an hour, all day etc ?
  5. Fog Light

    When you put the rear fog light on only the drivers side comes on but they have the same lens's set up on both sides of the rear of the car Is there only one on the Mk7 Fiesta ?? Is the passenger side one just a reflector ??
  6. I have been panicing that our 1.6 petrol engine is too noisy especially when cold and have started a thread as such, for feedback before I let them look at the car (being without a car greatly inconveniences me for work etc) as I need to know I am not wasting their and my time, so ............................ is the recall to do with the mechanics of the engine ?? ..................... is it likely to help my situation out matey - gis a clue ??
  7. What's you MPG???

    We have a 1.6 petrol and yes the trip computer lies ours normally says around 46 / 47mpg and I do a mixture of 30mph and 60/70mph roads but have kept a little spreadsheet and keep my trip computer and my calculated mpg's and after 3,000 miles the trip total average is 46.5mpg and the actual average (calculated) is 41.7mpg so thats an over calculation of about 11% !!!!! I have noticed its closer to what the trip says if you go on a really long trip and stay to about 60mph, and I have also noticed at 60mph the average can be seen to be creeping up on the computer but go 70mph and it starts creeping down. I have also noticed the engine noise (with stereo off) is quite-ish at 60mph yet seems to go loud at 70mph, a small increase in speed but noticeable change in engine noise (which is different to road noise as this changes dependant on the type of road surface / tarmac your on) Try sticking to say 65mph and see what that does to mpg (in cruise mode if you have it)
  8. Mk7 Zetec S and wet weather

    Our 1.6 petrol came with Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres (I was expecting Hankook as all in the showroom where Hancook) and it was wet this morning so gave it some stick round corners etc to see what your worried about but gotta say it stuck like a go-kart So get some Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres .................................
  9. Regular unleaded, or Super unleaded?

    Give us some gen on ya MK2 Ezzy fella - ah the good old days takes me back - what did you do to it - road racer - rally - full race , what engine, cam, carbs etc did you have ??
  10. Loud Tapping Noise

  11. Loud Tapping Noise

    Mitch84 - I think I ave only recently become aware of the noise - has it been there since day 1 hmmm not sure doubt it, I used to tinker with cars so kinda guess I would have noticed it straight away so I think it is something that has crept up on me - Only had the car 4 months and its the first brand newwie I have ever had so not sure if you miss things in all the excitement of getting used to ya new car / gadgets etc so still wondering if this is normal or am I fretting about nothing - Will reply and let you know what I find out Brent M - This is the reason I have held back so far (other than I struggle if I ain't got a car for a day or two) as I am not sure if this is what they all sound like - again lads in work say Fords are noisy (but they ain't no mechanics) - When is your first service due ?? I assume everyone is so wrapped up in washing their new cars no-one has really popped the bonnet and had a listen - why would you its new nothing should go wrong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !!!! I was told when I picked it up that they don't need to see me until its 1st service date, yet I am sure someone wrote on here a while back their garage was doing curtosey 1,000 mile check ups - that would have been handy - I have checked the service book they give you and all I can find is a 1st service due 12 months or 12,500 miles
  12. Loud Tapping Noise

    I have noticed that on our 1.6 Ti-vct Petrol engine there is a loud tapping noise, from the top of the engine, but when cold it is louder and sounds like there is a hammer smacking the engine, very tappetty, either that or its something related to one of the cams The lads in work reckon Ford engines are always noisy (compared to other manufacturers) and yes they agree it sounds like a tappet that needs re-adjusting but I thought these engines were self adjusting hydraulic tappets ?? I know I should take it back but I don't want them to have it for a few days (then I am without a car) to say they couldn't find anything, as no warning lights have come on, do they have any sensors related to the cams or incorrect hydraulic tappet operation ?? Anyone else had a similar issue ?? Everyone happy with the engine noise levels on their cars ??
  13. How much did you pay for a brand new Ka

    Is that 10,000 - scrappage 2,000 = £8,000 cash or 8,000 - scrappage 2,000 = £6,000-ish cash ?? Ta
  14. Drivers side illumination

    Thanks Nath at least I am not missing a cover but strange all the same ta
  15. Rev Limiter or not ??

    Does the Mk7 have some sort of built in rev limiter that say cuts in at 6,500 revs or something like that so you can't rev the knackers of it and blow it up ?? Anyone tried ?? What maximum revs did you get upto and in what gear ??