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  1. Fanta continues to run really well and the new exhaust has a great sound, it rumbles nicely but isn't too obnoxious. The wheels were desperately in need of either a refurb or replacing. After much deliberation and research (which included inspecting every orange Focus at Ford Fair) Mrs P opted for some Bola B1 wheels in Gun Metal. I think they look great against the orange.
  2. Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
  3. The car looks tidy and very mean with those brows! Looking forward to seeing those wheels on.
  4. Dan P


    Ouch, that's a long time! I'm sure it will be worth the wait but surely it's going to be hard to remain patient.
  5. Dan P


    Wow! That certainly looks like something to look forward to - hope you can handle waiting that long! When do you anticipate taking delivery?
  6. All ready for tomorrow. See you there! Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
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  8. I have just had the Collins CP2-E upgrade (including ITG intake, intercooler, boost hoses and turbo actuator) on my ST and I'm very pleased with it so far. It should be delivering around 240-245bhp. I had a look at most of the competition and thought this offered best value for money for me. (I was upgrading from MP215 with Mountune cat back and induction hose). The Mountune upgrade is very expensive for what you get. I don't doubt that it's good but it was too pricey for me. A lot of the stage 2 upgrades insist on having a sports cat or de-cat which pushes the price up. I don't think it's a necessary upgrade as, based on the stats I've seen, it only makes a negligible difference to the air flow. Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, there's a few ways to do it. Have a look at my build thread to see how I did it. Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
  10. Tickets booked. We’ll be bringing my Fiesta.
  11. Welcome back. I’d imagine with those mods it both sounds and goes pretty well!
  12. The boost solenoid is a common component to fail on the ST225. My wife’s ST had similar symptoms to what you’re reporting and it was owing to the boost solenoid. If you have a look on YouTube there are a few videos showing the kind of behaviour you might see, although for us it was intermittent and fairly erratic! I had a go at replacing it myself but it was far too fiddly for me.
  13. Nice to see something a bit different on here, love the look of that exhaust! Must give people a bit of a surprise to hear a Ka making such noises.
  14. Updated full list of modifications: Security Pandora Mini BT alarm Dummy OBD port installed and original relocated Rewire Security TK102 tracker and hard-wire kit Cosmetic Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys Team Heko wind deflectors Rok Blokz mud flaps Silvatec indicator bulbs Plain number plates (held on with 3M tape, not screws) Clear rear brake light Interior / boot / number plate lights replaced with LEDs Ford stubby aerial Performance Collins CP2-E remap ITG air filter Mountune high flow induction hose Airtec stage 1 intercooler Pro boost (turbo and intercooler) hoses Collins Performance turbo actuator Mountune cat back exhaust Collins Performance torque mount Collins Performance quick shift Mountune sports springs Audio / Electrical Alpine SBG-1044BR subwoofer Alpine MRV-V500 5-Channel Amplifier Brodit phone holder and hard wired charger
  15. Last week I had the car's third service and first MOT and sorted out insurance to cover the additional modifications I had planned. My premium (with Adrian Flux) has gone up £10 for the year, which I'm not going to complain about given the additional power! Having found a few extra pennies down the back of the sofa I decided to expand a little on my upgrades... I added in a torque mount, quick shift and turbo actuator and upgraded to the CP2-E remap (240-245bhp) to take advantage of the actuator. I was very impressed with Collins - nice tidy workshop, friendly people and good care and attention was given to my pride and joy! I came home via the Peak District in order to have a little fun and the difference from the MP215 is significant. The most immediate difference is the noise; the induction sound is so much louder. Then there's the power. It pulls harder and longer and feels more raw. It can still drive very comfortably and sedately but just takes off when you put your foot down! I've got a couple of decent trips planned in the next few weeks so will have an opportunity to test it out on some more fun roads soon.
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