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    Ford Fiesta LX 1.4 TDCi (2004)
  1. Fiesta doesnt like cold

    My Diesel fiesta 2004 smells of Diesel in the cold, as does my brother's Diesel Mazda, I think it's normal for Diesel's, no sure about petrols though. Also in mine, if it's cold, it will never start first time, I have to switch it to '2' for about 20 seconds before it will start, not the spark plugs mind, but apparently it just gives it time for the radiator to warm up the engine slightly. Not had the revs problem however, but if it only happens when it's cold, could be the coolant. Have you got only water in your coolant, or is it water and anti-freeze? Because it could be the coolant freezing.
  2. It's Here...

    You went for the TDCi - tbh after having a Diesel fiesta, I would never go back to a petrol, as my sig says "Sounds like a tank! And I love it!" - Plus it smells good on a cold winters morning!
  3. Your 0-60 Times Thread!

    Hehe it's called the local by-pass ;)
  4. Your 0-60 Times Thread!

    hehe go on then, everyone laugh: 2004 1.4 TDCi Diesel (Although, not very turbo-e!) 16.9 secs!!
  5. Funny Noise!

    I don't know if petrol cars have one, but my diesel certainly when it's cold, will be louder at a standstill because of the choke, to get the car warmer.
  6. On a recent journey from work to home, I got to some traffic lights, and my clutch pedal went completely slack. I stopped the car, re-started in 1st gear, and reved it so I managed to get past the lights and stopped on the side of the road after the lights. I called out the AA, he said "Ah, the infamous Fiesta Fusion clutch - Say no more!" - he then went to his van, got a new clip, put my clutch pedal back on the master cylinder and put the clip on the peg. He said that he carries a lot of these clips around now because this problem happens so much, yet I took it to my local ford dealership, who said the AA Patrol put the correct clip on it, and they could do nothing more. They also told me my bite point was high, and the clutch was on the way out. Just wondered if anyone else has had this clutch 'peg sliding off the master cylinder' problem, and if so, have you tried taking it to Ford? I'm just worried that the clip is so small and thin, if it's happened once, it'll happen again. Also, I have done 75,000 in my 2004 Diesel fiesta, is that an average time for a clutch to be replaced? Many thanks for your answers
  7. I'm considering getting a HID kit for my fiesta, which will give me xenon bulbs instead of halogen. Just wondering, are they actually worth it and do they make much of a difference?
  8. max speed ?

    For those that think i'm some kind of speeding criminal, I didn't achieve the speed of 112 on a public road, and don't usually go at such speeds.
  9. Purchasing Genuine Ford Tyres

    I use Michelin Eco's on mine, they're perfect. Cheap, apparently improve MPG and last longer, takes only slightly longer to brake though than normal higher spec tyres.
  10. General Fiesta chat

    I pay £1,400 Fully Comp for my insurance, nearly 21 years old, 1 year NCB.. Can you people believe that?? It's only a 1.4 LX, does that sound expensive?
  11. Titanium vs Zetec S

    If I was purchasing a new fiesta, I would go for the titanium X. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow me to yet purchase an MK7 :(
  12. max speed ?

    I have a 2004 1.4 TDCi, and my speed clock goes up to about 130mph lol, although I know the engine isn't capable of that. I have hit 112 mph in mine, but that was at max revs in 5th gear. I don't know how much the engine has improved, but I love the 1.4 engine, it feels quick off the line, even though the official stats are 16 seconds, I drive everywhere, town, dual carriageways, motorways. Offers fantastic economy, and the £35 / year road tax which always puts a smile on my face every May
  13. Mo is going back for a while

    Enjoy their demo car Hopefully it's a mechanical problem and it gets sorted.
  14. Number plate lights

    I have my car booked in for an MOT at nationwide autocentres, but I know if I put it in as it is it will fail as the left rear number plate light is out. Both lights were originally out, so i replaced the bulb on both of them and now the one on the right works, but the left one still does not. I have tried adjusting the direction of the bulb so i know it's not a +/- issue. Does anyone know if the bulbs have different fuses, or is it all under one? And failing that, what could be wrong with it? Cheers, Matt.
  15. Is a personalised number plate worth it?

    My friend, a bloke called Steve Hartley has a fantastic number please: "S1 HTY" We all love that one!!!! ^_^