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  1. Old St Or New?

    Definitely the Mk2, it has much more character than the Mk3!
  2. Try http://www.camskill.co.uk/ There prices are very competitive and only £2.99 delivery! I have Goodyear Excellence 225 40 R18 on my ST. They are a very good value tyre but production seems to have stopped for them.
  3. My Focus Zetec S...

    Nice car mate, the wheels make a huge difference. If anyone's interested, I have 4 18" Sport Pack alloy wheels for sale with delivery mileage. £135 each http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18-Ford-Alloy-Wheel-Focus-Mondeo-Transit-Connect-C-Max-X-Type-Delivery-Mileage-/251125281173?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item3a783bb195 PM me if interested! Cheers!
  4. New Fiesta St Video

    Actually, modifying the front of an ST to look like a pre-facelift would be relatively easy. The front wings are the same on both models. Therefore, only the ST front bumper, headlights, bonnet and grilles would have to be replaced with pre-facelift items. They will be a straight swap as the mounting points will be the same.
  5. Ford Fiesta St In Geneva

    Looking more closely at the interior again, it does appear to be a bit of a "bodge job" from Ford in some respects, especially the door trim. Why not change the whole design rather than the new door pulls which wouldn't look out of place in a 90s Escort! As mentioned, I hope the seats are available in other colours. I do like some aspects of it but the Fiesta interior seems really limited in terms of variation between models - mainly because the stereo unit and screen take up so much space. Some carbon fibre trim, proper metal pedals and leather on the doors (i.e. Focus ST) wouldn't have gone a miss.
  6. Ford Fiesta St In Geneva

    How the interior of the Zetec S should have been in the first place...
  7. New Tyres For 17" (Street Pack) Alloys?

    My Continental Contisport 3s still had tread left after 20000 miles
  8. Poor Build Quality

    From my experience, build quality is shocking. Whether that be the car's structure, interior, alloy wheels, mechanical parts, sound system etc. I had a problem with all of these areas during my three years of ownership. Dan, there is a service bulliten for the early build models like ours which rectifies this fault.
  9. Windscreen Wash

    Hi David, As mentioned, the screenwash container is about 4 litres. I usually put in a 2 litre bottle of concentrated screen wash and fill the rest up with water. You can also buy ready-mixed screen-wash which is slightly cheaper and means that you don't need to add water. Hope this helps!
  10. Windscreen Wash

    arbgarry. A lot of thought must have went into such a constructive response to the question. Well done.
  11. Bye Bye Fiesta

    Hope enjoy your new car B) But is a 1.25 engine with 80 odd bhp "punchy"? - no Is a 2.0 Volvo diesel "stonking"? - no
  12. Fiesta Rs Style Project

    Thankfully, I've now sold my Mk7.... And I wouldn't be the first to leave this forum if I did.
  13. Fiesta Rs Style Project

    I'm sure if the OP wasn't new to the forum, this discussion wouldn't be happening. It doesn't bother me if they say hi or not, I opened the thread to see his car. The forum in the link (www.fiestamk7.com) looks like a friendlier forum to me!
  14. Fiesta Rs Style Project

    At the end of the day, its a car forum. The guy has came on here to show his car, so what's the problem?! Most people come on here to look at cars, not to say "hi" or read sarcastic comments....