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  1. Roby3087

    exhaust heat shield

    I went for a drive last night, Everything was fine at first, but when i stopped i heard this rattling, Looked under the car to see the Heat shield bouncing around on the exhaust. So to stop it from just falling on to the road in the middle of the night, i pulled it off, it wasnt attached and just resting on the exhaust. This is the middle bit before the exhaust box. The one that goes over the exhaust box fell off a few months ago and never got it replaced. My question is do i get them replaced? The car has been in to ford about twice with the back shield missing and they never said anything about it being missing. The one that fell off last night, looks like the one that went between the petrol tank and exhaust. The car is a 09 ZS
  2. Roby3087

    Fiesta Zetec S Insurance 1 years no claims

    I got a 09 zetec s just after i passing my test at 24 years old, so no NCB. I was fully Comp and only one on the insurance, I was paying £1400 a year, which has halved after a year of having it
  3. Hi all, ive been on here for a while just never posted anything, Sorry if this is in the wrong place I have a ZS 09 petrol, Its just been in to have its timing belt and water pump done. Before going in was running fine and fan hardly came on, But scine i have had it back it seems to be running alot hotter than normal and you can smell it alittle too. Ive had a look at the coolant level and they filled it above the max line and above the top return hose. I went back to ford and told them and they said it should settle and come down after awhile as it might have air in the lines still. Ive have the car for about 7 hours now and doing little trips and its still the same. Ive took some of the coolant out so its on the max mark and not covering the top return hose. All the hoses coming and going from the radiators and expansion tank are hot. I went into the dash secert menu thing to find the temp and its running between 95c and 105c, it creeps upto 105c then the fan comes on then goes back to 95c. This takes around 5mins. Went for a drive and it comes down to around 80, but goes stright back up as soon as ive stopped at traffic lights or something. Its never ran this hot unless i have pushed it hard but then it cooled down stright away. And ford only took 4hours to do the timing belt and water pump which seems abit rushed when they said i should plan for them having the car all day.
  4. Roby3087

    Chirping Sound From The Brakes?

    i thought the handbrake only went on the back wheels?
  5. Roby3087

    Chirping Sound From The Brakes?

    It does sound a bit like that sound but never heard it outside the car only when the sound bounces back from things. It only happens when its hot and its a new disc with about 300miles on it, it was the same with the old disc but was much loader and lasted longer too. Could it be the hub by any chance? As this has been like this with 2 set's of discs and on the same side. I just thought, it could be sticking as it only happens when i go hard on the brakes when having a little fun and didnt happen when i just have a curse around but shows its self when having to go hard on them. i just dont know nothing about cars so might try and get it booked in to get looked at
  6. Roby3087

    Chirping Sound From The Brakes?

    So on the way home i went the long way on the fun road around mine to warm the discs up. And was able to get this video. You can start to hear it around 29secs but better after 35sec and near the end, It went away after about 1min after finishing that video and watching it to make sure i got recorded it.
  7. Roby3087

    Chirping Sound From The Brakes?

    Mine dont make that sound when stopped. Just when moving above 20mph of the top of my head. But only when they have warmed up and goes again once cooled.
  8. Roby3087

    Chirping Sound From The Brakes?

    From what i can make from the video ( using headphones atm because am at work) yea but a lot worse. I will try and get a video of it when i can.
  9. Hi all. New here. Had the car a month now. Its a 09 fiesta zetec s. When i bought the car it needed new front discs as the front left was badly worn down. When once they warmed up they would make a chirping sound and would last a while, but went away when braking or cooled down. Put new discs and pads on both sides. At first they were fine. But once they were worn in, the left has started making the chirping sound again when warm. It takes a little longer for it to show its self. But goes away after they colded down a little. I was thinking could the discs not be aligned? So as there warm up and expand they scraping? Anyone know why its doing this? Its kinda embarassing when it does it as if i can hear it then its must be loud outside the car. Also i got thinking could it be anything else like a wheel bearing or something?