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  1. Hi My 2019 fiesta has just had its 36k major service, oil/filter, spark plugs changes and such. Next year i'm wondering if I should just skip the interval service altogether, I know some like to get this done and have a yearly oil change and that, but I feel like its an expensive service for what they do. Does anyone on here skip the interval service altogether and just get a full service done every 2 years? I might just take it to my local independent garage next year for its MOT and maybe get some fresh tyres at the same time. Just curious what you folks do who have been taking it to fords for servicing.
  2. Doesn't include MOT, that's an extra £40 Not sure about break fluid.
  3. I just phoned, it is indeed the sparks plugs, I got priced £369, I have booked it anyway, likely just get a cheaper service elsewhere after this one.
  4. Hi My 2019 Fiesta is due its 4 year service in May, is this the big one? I checked the price on their website and it said £395!! I mean what do they do different from a standard service, think I paid around £200 when I had it serviced at fords last year. Oh forgot to mention the 4 year or 36k mileage service, my car has only done 18.5k.
  5. @alexp999 I think I found it , it’s 1019, so if I’m correct that tally’s up with my car reg May 2019. first 2 digits being weeks and then year. So they are not old, it’s just weathered tyres as stated on here.
  6. Nah will check, is it a certain code I’m looking for?
  7. F1 are quite far from me, I might just phone my local independent tyre fitters when time comes. Might be able to beat some of these online places perhaps.
  8. I got email confirmation of refund eventually, so all good, I will keep my current tyres for the time being and just keep an eye on them. The thing with black circles is the service all depends on the fitters, although the fitters had my tyres I believe, they should have confirmed that and given me a time slot, due to work I needed a time earlier in the week for next Monday, to sort things out, I shouldn't have to chase them up. Anyone though of a better place to get tyres for future reference?
  9. Update/ Never got any time slot from the fitters, and due to work quite restricted, so I phoned BC and cancelled. Not sure if its just my luck but BC customer service seems really rubbish, was told I would get email confirmation of refund, still waiting. Also sent emails and 2 days later, still no replies.
  10. I’ve already purchased them, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money, I will need some eventually and I see cracks, be it cosmetic or not, safety is my no1. I likely won’t need to by tyres again for this car afterwards anyway as the new ones should last me 4-5 years.
  11. Yeah didn’t see that offer, but I went via black circles and got 15% off.
  12. Hope not, lol. I only started seeing this the past 6 or so months. Anyway as said Ive already ordered new set now.
  13. Yeah they are all the same (Pilot Sport 4) Ive ordered new ones now from black circles, did have a 15% code so that knocked £100+ off. I will have replaced them sooner or later so, my new set should last me the lifetime of the car now before I get a new one.
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