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  1. Sorry if you already mentioned it but what pad did you use? I think I will try Scholl S20 first, and use a hexlogic white pad as that hasn't got much if any cut to it, I don't really need much cutting power apart from a light scratch, but even then the white pad might do it, I could always get a CG green hexlogic pad otherwise for that area.
  2. Yeah the Koch Chemie H8 02 suggests using a polish afterwards, so I think I will just use the Meguires and see how I go.
  3. Will check it out, is it like the Scholl S20 black, in that it's 1 step so can cut and polish depending on pads used? I have some hexlogic orange pads for cutting and white pads for polishing. Just think it will be better to use a product that does all the jobs instead of using Meguires m105 to remove a scratch and the M205 to polish it. Thanks
  4. After a bit more research I have seen some more products that Im keen to try instead of the meguiars 105 and 205. I have seen Scholl s20 black which is a one step product and apparently is good at removing scratches as well as leaving a good polished finish, plus I can switch the sponges over so a heavy cutting pad for any scratches and the softer pad for the final polish. I heard 105 makes a bit of dust and also is as well lubricated so have to stick to smaller areas.
  5. Having got the stuff now and read the descriptions of each product your advice makes sense as the 105 is mainly for scratches and marks. As above I would clean my car first but is the claying always required beforehand as well.
  6. A mk8 titanium with manual climate. Enter your reg into ford Etis To check your model.
  7. Thanks didn’t realise there was a reset for oil life, seems a bit odd that the garage wouldn’t do it, especially if it was changed at a ford garage. I will have to remember to do it when I get it changed.
  8. Out of interest, when oil is changed does the oil life indicator get automatically reset back to 100%, I gather the garage would reset it?
  9. i think its a different sensor, I have auto wipers/lights on my X and it has 3 sensors
  10. Hi I have just purchased a machine polisher kit that includes Meguires M105 and M205 , I want to try and remove some fine scratches and paint swirls, I also want to prep my car at a later date ready for a wax or ceramic sealant. Has anyone used Meguires M105 or M205, just wondered if I can get away with just using M205 , as M105 is more of a cutting product and I think that would be overkill for panels that are in good condition. Im going to use m105 to remove the scratches though. Thanks
  11. No idea on mine then, it does have the collision warning red screen though! will have to look in my owners manual.
  12. Will have to look see what it’s set on, is it on all fiesta models?
  13. I’ve had it happen 3 times since owning mine in December, didn’t know it could apply the breaks as well, I guess it could depend on what sensor is activated?
  14. I average about 40-41mpg sometimes it drops a bit lower, depending how I drive on my short journey to work (about 12miles)
  15. I'm tempted to try the V power from Shell just to see if I notice any improvement in mpg, anyone know what the rough price difference is between shell 95ron and V power ?