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  1. Thanks, will get the break fluid done then.
  2. Hello everyone I have the car booked in for its 1st service (2 years). I'm just wondering what Fords are likely to ask if I want it done, such as break fluid change and so on, as I only plan to take car for a service every 2 years like Fords recommend with the 1litres, so can anyone advise on what things will cost extra and if I should get them done, baring in mind that if I refuse some of the optional service extras it would be another 2 years until next service. Thanks
  3. Hi Looking to get a car battery tester, does anyone have any recommendations, just want to be able to check its charging and at full charge and so on or if it needs replacing. Thanks
  4. It's ok, I will just remove car, logout of app to be safe.
  5. Hi Im getting a new phone soon, so will set up ford pass app again, before I delete the app from my old phone should I remove car from app and logout from ford pass?
  6. My fiesta is due its first "2 year service" in May sometime, I'm just wondering would I be able to have the service done a little earlier say end of April, or would Ford advise to have it done in May when its due, only I have some time off in April. Also has anyone ever booked a service via the ford pass app, does it give you a choice of date and time for service? Thanks
  7. Have to check later but had similar, I think it was newer build to sync 3.4.
  8. Does it tell you on the dash when the key fob battery needs changing?
  9. Cheers, will just keep an eye on it then, I only do low mileage, so getting it changed yearly, when it doesn't need to be is a bit pointless for me I feel.
  10. Hi My mk8 oil life is at 20%, at what percentage should I book to have an oil change, I presume something will alert me when it needs changing? My car is a 19 plate and is due its 1st service around May, I gather I will just have to bring the service forward if the oil needs changing, the app gives an estimate of July for oil change I think, guess that is basing it on what mileage I do currently as well. In any case is there a percentage that it must be changed at, say 5%? Thanks
  11. Thank you very much, I reckon I have about 3 more files to download possibly then.
  12. Hi Not using my car much of late so still in process of downloading maps after the sync update, although my version is now saying F9 in system info I still am constantly getting new updates downloading, I’m on about my 5th file downloading now. Can anyone tell me how many individual files there is for the F9 maps. Thanks
  13. Just replaced my 19 plate wipers, got Bosch aerotwin. They are brilliant, my old original blades were starting to smear and were noisy. And another vote for wiperblades.co.uk
  14. Have F9 maps installed according to the version number in sync settings but I still have another file just started to download? Is it still downloading more map data.
  15. So updated the other day and now its downloading the maps, was hoping it would have down it by now but 2 days after seeing it start the download and returning to my car today, the download bar is about half complete, Is it just the 1 file ? as I can see it taking forever, lol. My car is on the drive and in range of wifi, I presume it only begins to download when I have just unlocked the car and powered on the electrics, Im guessing after so long the cars accessories got to sleep after I lock it? Also does anyone know what this symbol means on the maps itself?
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