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  1. Night update: first time driving home at night, experience was great, unlocked car lit up like Blackpool illuminations, turned engine on and headlights came on. I have it set on auto lights, saw some up down movement in the headlights while at a standstill as if they were adjusting, is this the adaptive headlamps feature where they move depending on objects and road layout? Anyway I have the led headlights and they are great , pure white light and great output, the auto high beam also worked brilliantly with oncoming traffic. one other thing when I was parked up, engine on I got out to check lights, I noticed the bottom right fog light was on or that’s what I believe it was, can anyone explain this please, is it that cornering thing I have seen mentioned, I did have my wheels slightly turned right when I parked earlier in the day.
  2. Thanks, I will have a play with the gear stick with the engine off to get used to the changes I think. As for the engine sound, I found a thread in here with loads of members videos and it sounded the same and everyone suggested it’s normal, will try to get link later to show you. Also does anyone have hill start enabled it’s off on mine which I presume is the default, but mine is slightly used so it could of been changed to off?
  3. Might need to change my thread title🤣
  4. Forgot to add if I use auto beams, when it goes to high beam and it maybe reacts to slow to incoming traffic can I use the left stick to manually turn it off?
  5. Thanks I will try it next time. do you guys use stop/start? its good but I wonder if it’s better used on longer journeys where the car is not constantly stopping at traffic lights.
  6. When I lock my car is there a technique to double locking it with the finger sensor. I seem to struggle, I might be too slow. Also I have a bit of trouble with the gear shifting when in 5th/6th I struggle to shift it into 3rd/4th, might be me just needing to get used to it though.
  7. I popped my hood earlier and I noticed some water leak from the washer jets, not a mug full though. This was on a mk8.
  8. Update I purchased a 3 year plan, I hope I will never require the use of it, more for peace of mind. I was going to go elsewhere for GAP but after checking ALA which I hear mentioned a lot, they were only £5 cheaper than FORDS GAP plan. It cost me £297 for 3 years, I guess some other places could have been cheaper but least it's in place the moment I leave the forecourt.
  9. Ta, is that because its closer to the cars sensor for the keys? Thanks for confirming about the rattle, I thought it sounded strange so googled it. Will have all weekend to study more things, I will want to check all the Ford sync stuff and check its all up to date.
  10. Hi Just took delivery of my Fiesta st line x 140, lovely looking car. I have just a few questions In front of the gear stick where you can store small items, I have a key sign printed into the rubber of it, does anyone know what that means? Also I notice a slight rattle/ticking sound in the engine, is that normal?, I did a search and found a video, and a lot of the comments seem too suggest it is. My first stumbling block was how to reverse,😂, realised after a few minutes you have to lift the mechanism just under the gear knob. Thanks
  11. Hi Getting mine today, not going to have much time to study the controls and settings due to work, I don't think its going to be that frosty tonight but it was very frosty last night when I finished work, can you tell me how exactly to get into the vehicle settings and what menu I need to disable autofold. Thanks
  12. No partial red interior?, I thought that was the only option on ST-line X.
  13. I see your point, but you can look at it another way, would I want to buy a used car of the same age with lets say 30'000 miles on the clock, I wouldn't know how the previous driver has driven the car or treated it. I'm getting used by the way, but it's only done 600miles and has pretty much every fitted option available, Im shelling out a lot of money, the most for me ever, which is why I think GAP might give me some peace of mind. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  14. Great, ALA and Motor Easy both have good reviews will just have to decide which one, ala quoted me £293 for 3 years.