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  1. Thanks, I might turn it down then if I can, the two times I have heard the noise was when I was quite close to another car, so it looks like it is indeed the ABS, although at both times I was aware of the other cars and was applying breaks already so perhaps as you say it was just ABS priming itself in case I was not aware at all. Cheers
  2. Hi When Im driving I occasionally get the red flashing collision warning flag up in the cluster panel, it can be a bit sensitive sometimes. Sometimes though I get this noise from the front, like a grinding noise as well, anyone had this happen and know's what it is? Is it the breaks applying, when I say grinding sound, its perhaps more of a vibration/springy kind of sound its hard to explain really. Thanks
  3. Yeah, I may have had the rattle, not sure haven't noticed anything lately. Not fussed really, always next years service if I notice in the mean time.
  4. Hi Purchased my fiesta st line x in December from Ford's used (first registered May 19), its due it health inspection check, so have booked it in. Does anyone know if there are any outstanding fixes ford are aware of that should be done, I remember someone mentioned on here about a rattle in the engine bay, and the fix was a cable tie. I can't find the thread now, anyone know what Im on about. EDIT/ Found the thread it was to do with heater pipes and replacing the o rings due to a rattle at certain revs. Apparently Ford are aware, have it as a TSB, anyone know the number of the TSB, I guess I could get this done if they though what i'm on about. Thanks
  5. Can't comment on early issues. What's the mileage? Just for reference I purchase an St-line x late last year, 19 plate with 800miles on the clock for 16k that was with a part-x my old focus. It came with a lot of extras like 18" alloys, sunroof, LED headlights. That was with Ford Direct. The 140 is loverly to drive, not sure how it compares with the 100/125 engines.
  6. Yeah, my last car a 2010 focus mk2.5, the battery lasted a good 8 years, I replaced it towards the end just before selling it on.
  7. I thought a car battery should last for around 8 years. I can see why a MK8 battery might be less because of the extra wear on it from things like start/stop and all the extras these cars have, but surely they should be lasting longer than 2-3 years, when did the MK8 come out?
  8. I still work during this lockdown, but I'm off currently. I do some jobs around the house and in the garden. Play a bit on Xbox, currently replaying RDR 2. I try not to play for long stints though. Watch movies, tv shows on Netflix and Disney +, started Better Call Saul recently, onto season 2 now. Browse the internet and drink lots of coffee throughout the day, currently drinking a cuppa now with a packet of chocolate hobnobs😋 Still need to get the ideal weather to wash and polish my car, doing it over a few days, next week I think I start it, as today we have rain due and its windy here, tomorrow have rain in the morning.
  9. If you don't find a solution could always try disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes, I believe this is like a battery reset and can help with issues. Not quite sure on the length of time you should leave it disconnected, might be about 5mins? I don't know what effect this would have on the Fiesta and if it would mess with anything else though, on my focus I had to just re-enter the radio code. Only reason I mention this is on my old Focus with keyless entry I had issues unlocking car, and AA man disconnected the car battery for around 5 minutes, this solved the issue. I would defiantly think about trying that before going to the garage. Did the AA man disconnect the battery?
  10. It's the first time I noticed it, I didn't give it much of a chance to see if it would turn completely off before I opened and unlocked my car again. What you say is likely the case rather than a bug. Cheers
  11. Hi When I locked my car tonight I noticed my sync3 screen was still on, well not on as such, but a grey screen. I opened car car again ford logo displayed, so I then locked it and it went completely off as it should. Has anyone else noticed this before, perhaps just an occasional bug? I can imagine it would only be noticeable at night.
  12. I tried this but couldn't get it to work. I have all 4 electric windows as well. I tried by having drivers windows open and sunroof, locked car and tried the above but no luck, and holding down unlock doesn't open any windows for me.
  13. The Scholl S20 I’m using is supposed to be quite oily so that’s why I’m going to use an IPA before the sealant. It will likely take me just as long, was it easy doing it in stages over 4 days, I’m hoping to start with the roof then onto the bonnet and front and hopefully a side in 1 day, the other side and back the next day. Outside as well so will need a good spell of weather.
  14. Interesting, how do I tilt it from the back?
  15. I plan to wash, clay, polish with DA and seal my Fiesta sometime in the week ahead. I purchased a Das6 pro last month, I have tested it out on an older car first before I attempt it on my new car. I was hoping to do it this weekend but I need one product that I haven't got (IPA prep solution) for after polishing. I'm going to be using Scholl S20 black 1 step polish and then Gyeon can coat ceramic coating. There is no way I can do all this in 1 day personally, so will do it over 2 days, so need to check the weather forecast. Can't wait to see the results as I have never polished a car before.