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  1. I will have to check if I got adaptive cruise control, I don't have front parking sensors though so perhaps not. I never have used cruise control since owning the car so no idea how it works, need to read the owners manual😄
  2. I have about 3 sensors on my windscreen cluster, one of them looks like a camera, would this be the TSR?
  3. My fiesta mk8 1litre is 2 years, its done about 7k miles roughly I think and my oil life is at 25%, 1st service is due around April and the ford pass app oil life estimate says around July, which I doubt. I wonder if you can take it in early for a service if the oil life gets to the point of needing a change before service is due, seems a pain having to take it in for an oil change and then a service a few months later.
  4. Im not sure, It just doesn't feel like its done via gps to me, it seems to precise with the signs as I approach to be gps, I remember going past a speed sign that was partially obscured and the dash did not update the correct speed for that road until I past another sign.
  5. All updated via USB, took about 10 minutes or so with engine running. Its currently downloading the maps now, will see if it had downloaded them overnight tomorrow while the car was locked, hopefully it still maintains the wifi connection when its locked. Only issue I have is I get the no GPS signal logo on the nav screen, I had that previously, unsure if thats just a bug? Also I didn't get a log file to confirm the update with ford website, although when I check for updates it says it is now up to date, is this all done automatically now over the servers?
  6. Speed signs are done by TSR, I can tell this as the speed sign pops up on the dash as soon as I approach the sign and the cars camera is in distance to read it. Not ever had overtaking sign on dash though, but Ive not been on any roads that have them on my work route.
  7. Mine recognises speed signs, unsure if that’s the same thing, never noticed it recognise anything else.
  8. It's ok I got some Bosch ones as well😀 thanks On the auto high beam topic, it's been working fine since, I put it down to cold weather when its icy, i'm guessing the sensor gets a little fogged up.
  9. Thanks, I just remembered I used the default mac unzip program, using TheUnarchiver unzips it correctly, will see how I go at the weekend.
  10. Trying to sort the file structure on my mac, ready to update via usb Have done it before but remember it being difficult. When I unzip file on my mac it doesn't create the sync my ride folder, so I had to create that myself, I think Im nearly there but Im unsure if the files that I placed into the sync my ride folder are named incorrectly due to the folder not being created automatically when I unzipped. Should Sync my ride be deleted from the file names inside this folder as shown below?
  11. Excellent thanks, my car is in wifi range so hopefully will do similar then over time, will get the sync update downloaded first at weekend. Did you have any issues with car info disappearing from ford pass app, like the OP had after updating?
  12. I will do it via USB then. So with map updates its done automatically, do I need to initiate the update at all via the sync screen, also I take it the maps would only update when connected to home wifi and engine running as well?
  13. Just realised the pro version is used more for business and commercial vehicles, will stick to the standard app.
  14. Hi I just downloaded the ford pass pro app after reading about it on here, I logged into it and seems fine, but what should I do with the old ford pass app I was originally using? Should I remove the vehicle from it and delete the app, or would that screw up the pro app details? Am I best just deleting the app? Thanks
  15. Just checked ford website and mine also says update available According to them the car engine does not need to running to update. Also has anyone attempted to update over wifi or would it be quicker doing it via USB? Tempted to try the wifi method as my car is near the router.
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