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  1. Cablelad

    Telford PRH hospital car park

    LOL That's mine.. Nice fez mate
  2. Currently running the MR165 with no issues, but will be purchasing the Jamsport or Pumaspeed hybrid turbo/map once the forged pistons are fitted.
  3. Cablelad

    Which Stage 1 Map?

    As stated, Mountune 135/165 pricey. No plans for a stage 2. Revo are great, good power 180bhp on stage 2 Bluefin, never had no problems on mine with good power delivery from standard. Changed to Mountune 6 months later. Pumaspeed good maps, Can't comment on customer service yet but booked in for the 205+ map and billet turbo in May.
  4. Cablelad


    I was going to DIY fit mine, but managed to get a local garage to fit it for £60. Looks a bit scary underneath and I was petrified of messing up.
  5. You got cash to burn mate, I find the AS gives more induction noise over stock, plus I just changed the recirculating valve.
  6. A truely amazing build project, looks amazing. Hats off to ya! get the RS top spoiler for the boot
  7. Cablelad

    1.0 rear disc brake conversion

    Thanks Willy
  8. Guys, Got my hands on a ST rear beam and front caliphers, questions are: Will the 1.0 handbrake cable fit? Which brake hoses ? Any other hidden issues? All discs and pads are gonna be changed for Mintex cheers
  9. Cablelad

    Primary Induction Hose

    The induction kit makes a difference.
  10. Cablelad

    Eibach or Mountune springs?

    How much the Zetec s shocks cost? You got a part number Willy
  11. Cablelad

    Eibach or Mountune springs?

    Get the Eibach ones Willy, day to day driving is great on them and there Fraud endorsed. Got a good deal from European parts for the springs and spacers last year. Are the Mountune ones just sprayed yellow Eibach's???
  12. Thumbs up Para, looking nice
  13. Suicidal pheasant gets grilled Any spare badges you wanna sell Willy? cant seem to order from Ali express :blink: