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  1. Forza 3

    2.40.121 to beat now in a standard fiesta
  2. Forza 3

    greeny your time of 2.40.628 is the 385th fastest time of everyone in class f, and your cars spec was 176, most of the top 500 are made up of class 200 cars, so whats the secret?
  3. Forza 3

    just doing season play before dinner be ready after that mate
  4. Mountune - Ford Finance

    yes thats right rates at grays, but the finance guy there said it was not their decision but the decision made by ford credit.
  5. Mountune - Ford Finance

    id like this resolved as i want the kit, and one ford dealership are saying you cant do it, another say there is no issue.
  6. Forza 3

    im on tonight people, gamer tag in my signature
  7. Ford Y Cable

    okay talked this through with an engineer, it seems you can play the ipod fine with just the aux cable in but with the usb lead out, but this stops you controlling the ipod via the car. he said there would be some settings i can change on the ipod once connected to my computer which would stop the issues. anyone know where some kind of connectivity settings are when an ipod is connected to a pc? i have looked on itunes and cant see anything that would help.
  8. Ford Y Cable

    it seems to be an issue with the newer type of ipod, according to ford, they had a look at my car and have no fix :(
  9. Boys Vs Girls

    all this shows is that there are more men on the internet
  10. Mountune - Ford Finance

    thanks i just got told that it invalidates the ford options finance if that helps
  11. Forza 3

    how do you take pictures in game?
  12. Mountune - Ford Finance

    i didnt think it would be a problem either and i want the upgrade, thought it would add value to the car, but guess they think otherwise :(
  13. Forza 3

    hahaha i remember this, i thought you did that on purpose, so i whacked by breaks on at the straight thinking we was all having a laugh, and then saw my car turned into a ghost! boooooooo
  14. Forza 3

    how about a race in standard spec fiestas tonight i prefer racing when everyone has the same equipment, 8pm tonight perhaps?
  15. Mountune - Ford Finance

    think thats what i will do then and trade this one in for a fiesta rs when it comes out :P