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  1. I have the same issues but mine stops when i put the clutch down !! I thought it was the drive belts ect. dunno what to do next !! ELP !
  2. Hi Chaps My front drivers seat wont rise it will go forward and back. Also i have a bar which has pushed into my carpet and spilt it which i think it should be there. Elp !! see attached.
  3. Knocking Over Bumps

    I have the same problem, what they like to change, i'm getting a small clunk on the rear too. Let me know how you get on any advice would be helpful.
  4. Mk3 Injectors

    I had to have a mine done to ! its a complete pain but thats life. I would do the set, you cant really mix and match as my understanding they are setup for each vehicle. unless you can recode them.
  5. Loads Of Black Smoke !!

    OK cheers guys got a turbo off Ebay for £180 thought i would list on here some of the things i found out for others to see. I believe there are two turbo for the tdci. you will find the part number on the bottom right hand side on a silver plate. Mine was 714467. (See img_4352.jpg) So ask for the number to see if it matches yours. The turbo was ok to fit even for an amateur mechanic like myself. 1) Remove the heat cover simple three/four bolts. 2) Remove the large are pipe and another which in under it. 3) Remove the Oil feed pipe. Its down the back which you can see 13/14 mm banjo bolt. 4) Remove the Oil return pipe. Best to disconnect this from the sump as it accessible only 1 bolt. 4) Remove the 5/6 bolts which connects the turbo to the manifold, this for me was the hardest part. Once the bolts have been removed you should be able to wobble the turbo free. CAUTION My main shaft had snapped. I managed to pull it out of the manifold without it dropping in. (see img_4354.jpg) 5) Place the new turbo back in make sure it site back in the manifold and put everything back. Change oil and filter and run for about a 100 miles then do another oil change. I’m not saying this is the correct way of doing it but it worked for me. Took me about 4 hrs blind not knowing this. Total cost for me was £220 allot better than the 1800 I was quoted.
  6. Turbo Banjo Bolt

    hi ya fitting the turbo i got off ebay (thanks to you lot) :-) however broke the banjo bolt on the oil feed pipe, any ideas where i can source a replacement? m8 x 35mm ??????????
  7. Loads Of Black Smoke !!

    TURBO BLOWN AND A WHOLE IN THE PIPE !! cheers lads, know of anywhere were i can get one £450.00 for another !! AWCH !!
  8. Hi chaps anyone got a TDCI 2.0 Working turbo around. Mine is manually vacumed. Mines my shaft has snapped in two !!
  9. Driving home in my mondy 2.0 TDCI last night and i had a loss of power and soon after black smoke was everywhere inside an out side. Loads of it. One person stopped and rushed out with a fire extingisher! everyone came out side to have a look! She still runs ... I am correct in saying my turbo has blown. How can I check ? what else can i look for. Dont mind getting me hands in the bonnet. Please Help Many Thanks
  10. Cruise Control Fuse keeps blowing

    Thankyou for the usfull post. I have the same problem ! But the link dont work, Will have to investigate !! THANK YOU !!
  11. Radio Code Please

    Hello this cold weather has zapped me battery, so had to change it but lost the radio code. Would it be possible to supply me with one . The Sn number is M076586 model 60006E Many Thanks Ryan
  12. radio code

    Hello this cold weather has zapped me battery, so had to change it but lost the radio code. Would it be possible to supply me with one . The Sn number is M076586 model 60006E Many Thanks Ryan
  13. Car key battery type

    If i wanted to replace the key with a new one would i need the key to be cut aswell. ? Or just it reprogrammed. I know all ford keys lock all fords but funny enough they don'nt un-lock them lol. Many Thanks
  14. Car key battery type

    Do these keys need cutting in any way or just reprogramed ? Many Thanks
  15. Hello I put a cd in my orginal ford cd changer and its got stuck and dont come out. Any ideas on how i can get this out. is it an easy job ? or have you guys got another i can purchase of you Many Thanks