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  1. Can I fit an extra airbag??

    OK!! Thanks everyone for your feedback. Please keep posting !! :P
  2. Can I fit an extra airbag??

    Thanks for your reply, but how about fitting a module that was removed from a car that had two airbags? Will it do the trick? On the other hand, I do beleive that a passenger airbag might fit if I were to remove the dash tray, am I correct here?
  3. Hello everyone. Can anybody tell me whether I can fit a passenger airbag on a 2000 Focus TDI issued with a single driver's airbag? Does the vehicle come pre-wired for a second airbag? Will it be a headache to fit? I'm in the process of replacing a faulty airbag module, and thought I'd go an extra step and fit the passenger one. Any ideas and help in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  4. Hello Everyone

    I'm the proud owner of a 2000 Focus TDI. A big hello to everyone on this forum.