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  1. Eureka! have re-connected everything with a different earth and it works! Such a relief.
  2. Yes the dealer fixed mine with a software update. See my earlier note. Good luck.
  3. Has anyone experience of fitting a VIOFO dashcam with the hardwire kit in their 2020 Puma? I just cannot get mine to work, even though I've fitted fuse taps directly to the in cabin fuse box, as per the numerous videos on You Tube. The camera works fine with the 'cigar lighter' lead but not the fuse taps. If anyone has the technical knowledge, I have photos of the connections I made.
  4. On the fuel consumption question after 2000 miles of a mixture of driving I'm getting an average of 48.5 mpg. Mines a 155 MHV.
  5. Does anyone know how the Fuel Report function in the Ford Pass app works? When I select it I get a message that says it doesn't yet have enough data collected. Should I be manually inputting my fuel purchases?
  6. It didn't open at all, from collection.
  7. Got the car back from my Ford dealer who have after two days solved the problem. It's a known software issue and they did a software reset to put it right. I was advised that because of the newness of the Puma model that I should treat the fix with caution as it may not be 100% right. Was invited back if I'm not happy, going forward.
  8. A Ford engineer solved my query.......the rear two door speakers are dual speakers, ie each one has another in it's centre, although of course you can't actually see them through the grills. Happy chappy now. ☺️
  9. Im glad that was easy to put right, I've booked in to get mine done. Thanks whitecarman .
  10. I would add that its the hands free power liftgate.
  11. I have the same problem on mine, I bought it yesterday. Was this resolved?
  12. Did the tailgate issue get resolved?  I bought my STLine X First Edition+ yesterday and neither the sales guy at the dealers or I can get the 'kick method' to work.  

  13. This new Puma of mine has the top spec B & O sound system and there should be ten speakers. I have found: One on each door = 4, one on the front dash = 5, one in the boot = 6, one on each front quarter = 8. The other two should be in the rear but I can't find them. Does anybody know where they are?
  14. Nick100

    Close boot

    I hope you've got it sorted but if not, the instructions are on page 68 of the car handbook. Use either the dashboard button, or the button under the right side of the boot lid, 0r press the fob button twice within three seconds. ☺️
  15. Has anyone with a new Puma had a problem with getting the liftgate to open or close using the kick under the bumper operation? Picked up my new Puma today and this has happened to me.