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  1. shou3n

    Petrol mileage display

    Hi Luke. Sorry for delayed response... Have been down with this horrible flu! So I reset the MPG figure. First day or so it was around 30-32mpg. Now it's between 27-29mpg...
  2. shou3n

    Petrol mileage display

    Yeah I don't drive as far, or as much, for work anymore..
  3. shou3n

    Petrol mileage display

    Yeah, I don't drive as far, or as much, for work anymore...
  4. shou3n

    Petrol mileage display

    Hi all, Usually when I fill my fiesta up, the mileage displays around 450mls at full tank. Past couple of times, it only displays around 250-280mls. Any idea why this please? Thanks.
  5. shou3n

    Fordian From Birmingham

    Thank you all :)
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to get engine oil for my car - I have a fiesta zetec, 61 plate. I've been using Castrol 5w30 A1 as recommended in the manual. I went to Halfords to buy it again, but I was told they don't sell it anymore... So I bought it online from a different company and they've sent me 5w30 A5 (even though it was advertised as A1)... Before I get into the whole exchanging, or refund, process - Can I use this in my car? Any advice/response is much appreciated... :)
  7. Evening all! I'm Nisha, from Birmingham, currently drive a Fiesta Zetec, 61 plate... My first ever car was the Fiesta MK5 and then it was the MK6... So I've grown with Ford (and I'd like to think my driving has too! ;)