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  1. Fiesta Mk 6 St Rear Brake Conversion

    not sure yet i am looking in to it mate but i think it will be to much of a !Removed! around getting rid of my fiesta as the intera is in bits at the minute
  2. New Fiesta Old Fiesta

    FAIR ONE lads it was just a daft idea i had when bored to death at work before lunch come to think about it now everything is fine how it is haha
  3. New Fiesta Old Fiesta

    Fair one mate did not think about that
  4. New Fiesta Old Fiesta

    Not sure if this could be done by admin but i think it would be good if we had a different forum for the mk6 fiesta's and the new mk7 fiesta what does everyone think ?
  5. Fiesta Mk 6 St Rear Brake Conversion

    cheers mate i will do i am also doing a st engine conversion so i will need loads of parts from you to do the conversion. my mate has done this to his but he had problems with the a/c and in the end ripped the a/c out as it was to much of a !Removed! about
  6. Fiesta Mk 6 St Rear Brake Conversion

    what do you mean by uneconomical new hehe and i am searching on 247spares.co.uk and other broker web sites to get a good deal and also i need a st hand brake cable as this has different connections at the end to fit on the the calipers
  7. Number Plates

    yer i have used a similar site and i had these made up and i have 4 velcro dots on the back and 4 on my car plates so they just stick on when i got to shows these are the plates i got
  8. Fiesta Mk 6 St Rear Brake Conversion

    what is the stub axle mate i know about the backing plate would you say it would be easier to change the hole axle striaght from an st or do you think the conversion would be better and cheaper
  9. has any one done this before and do they have any tips and hints on this job as i plain to do it once i have got the parts to do it
  10. Fixing A Seat Catch On Passenger Seat

    how long you had it dude
  11. Number Plates

    Cheers lads i will get on the site now and check it out
  12. Number Plates

    Does anyone know of any good sites to get legal plates made that are stylish and go well on your car like carbon fibre numbers or i am looking for metal plates black background with silver letters like the ones we have on our army land rovers but not sure if these are legal on a normal car can i have some advice and maybe some pictures of what you have on your car
  13. Rear Window Wiper Cover

    www.247spares.co.uk have a look through there mate you should get one for next to nothing
  14. Make Your Fiesta Smell As Nice As It Looks

    Thanks for that mate i just ordered 3 and 4 covers cheers