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  1. Start Stop Deathtrap

    Was this issue registered when the warranty was still valid? If so, it's an ongoing fault, which needs to be fixed by Ford. As said above, don't drive the car until its sorted...
  2. Mk8 Gripes

    I carn't say I like the new shape either, the ST-line looks much better from the front.
  3. Mk8 Gripes

    Okay finally got this to work, had to press "write to backup" and not "write" then the ignition on/off lock button sync.. Fiesta MK7.5, 17plate
  4. Outgoing Focus ST3 or wait for new Fiesta ST

    If it was me, I'll try some more dealers in your area, these focus mk3.5 are going to fall with the launch of the new model. They will need to sell the stock, so good deals will be around..
  5. Ambient Lighting.

    Oh, ok thanks. Might turn it back on, see if it gets the missus in the mood..
  6. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Thanks Phil for the photo, it looks stunning..The reason I asked is I have been offered a new one (same spec as yours) for a very good price, but I only do town driving to work. Would it be possible to pm me the 'true mpg' figures you have been getting please. Cheers
  7. Ambient Lighting.

    What's this ambient lighting supposed to do? I've turned mine off..
  8. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Phil, Do you have a full side view picture of your car I could see please. Cheers
  9. Mk8 Gripes

    Thanks, but that sounds out off my comfort zone. Its the missus car, she'll have to get used to using the button..
  10. Mk8 Gripes

    Merlin, If the BSM (as- built) is the only option to click open, then yes, it will need to be de-coded. See if there's a BSM (main) or BSMii
  11. Mk8 Gripes

    Hi, I have re done the auto-locking and still not working... Chris, did you use the "write button" or the "write to backup" when sending to ECU.. Cheers
  12. Mk8 Gripes

    Hi Chris box is ticked auto locking, it's just not working when driving. I'll re do it again. Is your fiesta 2016?
  13. Mk8 Gripes

    No mate, you need to set it on with Forscan, Ford EU turn it off from factory..
  14. Mk8 Gripes

    Ok thanks, I only ticked the auto lock box and wrote back, It doesn't work though. Might have to do the auto relock if door opened bit as well, is that a tick box? Thanks
  15. Mk8 Gripes

    Hi Chris, did you only have to tick the box in BCM options and it worked, or did you have to do some kind of syncro as well with the door lock buttons?