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  1. I've not checked the firmware, i've only just got the car (second hand) ... I'll check what firmware it is running.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, busy week. Thanks for your suggestions. TBH, the reason I'm even using the USB for music is because I was originally using my phone to play music through Google Play but it kept wanting to shuffle my music unless i remember to turn shuffle off each time i use it, whereas I prefer to listen to albums front to back. If I could stop my focus from wanting to shuffle songs on Google Play then the other issue doesn't matter. i.e. Google Play on my phone without the focus = Albums don't shuffle Google Play on my phone with BT on the focus = Albums shuffle play I've tried saying "External Device" + "Bluetooth" + "Shuffle" + "Off" but after the world shuffle the voice commmand system just turns off and the music comes back on.
  3. I have a strange issue with the bluetooth linked with my phone for Google Maps. If I'm playing music from either my phone or my USB stick, Google Maps will utilise my car's speakers and tell me where to go. If I'm playing music from the radio I won't get any directions, even directly from my phone. It seems to claim all sound from my phone but not allow it to use the speakers. Is there a setting where I can allow Bluetooth to "interrupt" the radio? It does however kick in if the phone rings. Any ideas? If relevant = 61 Plate Focus 1.6 ecoboost titanium
  4. After looking at my car again .. the two faulty "brake" lights were in fact the fog lights *cough* *slips away quietly*
  5. I noticed today that of the 5 brake lights my car has only 1 was working ...oops Looking at the back of the car.... - Far left = not working - Left (on boot) = not working - Top Middle = not working - Right (on boot) = not working - Far Right = Working OK Swapping the far left bulb made it work but swapping neither the left or right didn't. A friend has metered out the bulbs and they're fine. I've looked all over to try and find a fuse and I'm either blind or there isn't one. Any ideas why both the main brake lights don't work on the boot. I'd look the the one at the top but this seems quite sealed in. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Luckily my dad has the stuff that I need (well he needs) to check the battery voltage and will come round tonight to have a look.
  7. Hello, I hope you can give me some advice as my 2.0TDi Zetec S-Max (59 Plate) refused to start this morning. Hopefully these points might help: - - It has been a little sluggish to start the last few days (put down to cold) - 2 days ago i get an "Immobiliser Active" error on the display however the car started no problem - this cleared when I switched the engine off and restarted ... error never came back (assumed gremlin). - Lights and radio all seem OK so think battery is OK (no kit to test voltage with) When I try and start it all the internal lights flash i.e. both indicator lights and after a little while there is a single clunk
  8. Hello, This seems really stupid, but how can I leave my car with the windows down on a sunny day? All my other cars I have been able to do it. No matter what state I leave the lock in (unlocked / locked / dead-locked) the alarm trips after a couple of minutes. This means the car hits about 1000 degrees by the time i need to use it. There is no chance of the car being stolen, it's parked outside my office window in a secure car park.