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  1. Sensai

    Bonnet Modification

    Hey, new to all this but thought I'd give it a try.... I have a burning question that crossed my mind. I was wondering if it was possible to install gas struts to lift the bonnet? If so, is a kit readily available or would you need to modify the engine bay and bonnet to be able to do this? I've searched the internet (for a short moment) but can't seem to find anything readily available.... Any reply would be grateful! :D Cheers!!
  2. Sensai

    Spooky speedo, hellp

    Hey, Sorry to hear your both having the same problem. I been having the same problem but after doing some research I came across some info. Apparently the speed control sensor found at the bottom of the gear box is faulty. It's a common fault. My cuz also had the same problem and he changed the control sensor and it seemed to have worked. The sensor doesn't cost much either. Something like £20-30. I still need to get mine done but thought i'd share what i know with y'all. B)