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  1. 2015, 100ps 1.0 Titanium in white. July 2015. 18,000 on clock and no issues to report. 2016, 100ps 1.0 Titanium in Deep Impact blue. December 2016. 11,000 on clock and no issues.
  2. Mk8 Gripes

    My main gripe with the MK8 is that I don't like it. Those daylight running lights look awful and the rear looks like a Kia. My neighbour just bought one and that has only reinforced my opinion of it. You can't please everybody, I suppose.
  3. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    Hi, sorry for the late response. My cover is with Parks Ford and is called Ford Assist. It provides cover with the AA.
  4. Dashboard rattle

    I have a rattle in my '66' Titanium that seems to come from behind the driver side air-vent. Been into the dealers and apparently they cannot hear it...conveniently. I have a 2015 Titanium that is absolutely silent...no rattles...no nothing except the rev of the engine...a solid and reliable drive at any speed. Don't get me wrong, the '66' car is a great drive but I need to have the music on to not notice the rattle. I am going to take the vent out and explore further.
  5. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    I have two on the service deal with Ford. The first one is at £9.00 pm and the other is 12.00 pm [inflation!] so, £21.00 for two cars is £252 per annum and this includes the AA Home Assist service in with it...which gets renewed after each service.
  6. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    I have two 1.0 Ecoboost Fiestas and the engines are smooth, gutsy and sound very nice when I do 50 mph in third gear to overtake.
  7. Windscreen wiper problems

    On my 2015 car, the original blades juddered slightly on the driver's side at the bottom edge. I put Bosch wipers on and the same still happens, although the Bosch wipers seem quieter. On the later 2016 model Titanium, I have the same exact problem as the other car. I have friends with Fiestas who have the same problem...I think it is a design fault.
  8. Is my MPG right?

    The highest I remember having so far is 55.6 mpg on a motorway journey. Usually it's around 49 mpg. I live in a semi-rural area so the driving, if not in the town, is on country roads that are not heavy with traffic. The car runs rings around the Clio I had previously when it comes to mpg and just about everything else, too.
  9. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    I needed another car for work after getting a new job...the mileage allowance per month pays for roughly two thirds of the car's monthly payments. I looked at the Mk 8 Zetec and the cost put me right off. Previously to that, I had already decided I didn't like the front as it reminded me of a Kia and the back looked like some bland, generic car that wouldn't catch anybody's attention. The inside is ok but again, the 'floating' screen was hugely distracting. I was considering the Seat Ibiza, however, on a trip to the Ford dealer, I found a Titanium Mk 7.5 in Deep Impact blue that was registered in December 2016 and priced at £10,000. Exactly the same as my white one bar the LED tail-lights on the newer one. So I took that one on a three year deal with a final payment just shy of £4000. When the blue one goes, it will be time for a Focus, I think.
  10. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    I did seriously look at the new model. I didn't like the floating console and the wife hated it, saying it would be too distracting and would prefer it built-in. The interior was ok, I thought it flowed well. It's the back end though...I just couldn't get past it looking like a Kia...the change wasn't radical enough for me. The real deal breaker though was the hike in prices and I wanted the equivalent in specification to what I already have. Alas, the financing was just too steep for me. Maybe in a year, I will trade-in the white Titanium and see where we go from there.
  11. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys! In the end, I needed another car for a new, full-time and much higher paid job which has great tax-free mileage per month, so I ended up getting another Mark 7.5 Titanium, nine months old [66 reg] for £10,500. It was a Ford rep's car and had just under 10,000 on the clock. I did it on PCP with road tax, insurance and three years servicing thrown in. They filled the tank up and threw in some nice new car mats. Picked it up yesterday and I now have a sleek looking Deep Impact blue Titanium sitting next to my beloved white one...which has suddenly become the "property" of my wife. I don't think I did too badly there, as the mileage payments will cover at least 50% of the monthly car payment.
  12. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    Maybe this question has already been asked but has anybody checked out the new shape/spec Fiesta? Mine isn't due for renewal until next July, however, Ford are already scratching my itch by inviting me to come and see the new model. Going off the new pricing structure, a Titanium would cost more than my current one and my equivalent monthly payments would only get me a Zetec...which is not an option. I have a brochure and I am not even sure I like the new shape in the pictures and maybe it needs to be seen in actuality. The other option is to buy my current car.
  13. Just got a Titanium, want to get other alloys

    I got the ten-spoke ones on mine. It's a Titanium with the City Pack at no extra cost. I think they are the same as used on the Focus and I love them.
  14. Start/Stop Technology question

    I took my eye of the ball and hit a wall! Wrote it off...the chassis was twisted beyond repair. I bought it off a mechanic who had made some *cough* 'minor adjustments' *cough* After I got the insurance payout, I bought a 2 litre Cortina Ghia in red, with a Weber carburetor and the plushest interior I have ever seen. .
  15. Start/Stop Technology question

    I was 29 when I passed my test [first attempt]. I bought a Ford Escort 1.6 and wrote it off within two weeks.