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  1. Focus mk 1.5 front bumper

    When are you looking at doing this job? I will be doing this myself and if you want i can do a guide to do the job and wire them with ease. I have got hold of the connectors for the new headlights with about 6" of wiring to help aid the job. Mike
  2. Engine issue please help!!

    I will have another look on the weekend and post my findings and see where to go from there. Many thanks.
  3. Engine issue please help!!

    Hi, if your on about this program them yes I have limited diagnostic abilities. Don't know enough about using it though. The codes I've retrieved are... P1576 accelerator pedal position unavailable P0121 TPS circuit performance problem P0221 TPS B circuit range/performance P0226 unknown EDIS coil failure P1211 Open TP sensor circuit P0251 injector pump fuel metering control malfunction P2623 ICP regulator open These were retrieved over the day and messing about with various items, removing and reattaching parts and wiring so I'm not 100% sure all these are correct. Towards the end of the day the code list got longer than first thing. The only issue I had to stay with was the TPS issue. Just to check when you reprogram the injectors you program them as the firing order 1342! So number 1 is 1, 2 is 3, 3 is 4 and 4 is 2. Many thanks Mike
  4. Engine issue please help!!

    Hi all, I rebuilt my 1.8 Lynx engine and now it won't start! The injectors were changed and reprogrammed to the ecu but It still won't start. I removed the injectors and kept them attached to the fuel supply and cranked the engine, all the injectors sent fuel into pots I set up so I know there is fuel getting to the cylinders! Reattached the injectors and still no start, however with spraying a littte of easy start it tries to start but won't run! I'm not sure if the is enough fuel getting through or how to test if they are working to there full potential. I have checked the timing and can't see any issue there so as far as I can work out it should run. I'm not sure of its delayed but my accelerator pedal is not being recognized by the ecu so could that be causing the issue? Many thanks for any help given. Mike
  5. Hi, Glad you got it working again. Its not been documented on here that I've found but it's the best way to workout it the bulb holder or the wiring was at fault. If you had put another wire to the holder it still probably wouldn't work as the holder was at fault! it just would have caused more frustration with the time taken to do the wiring and the out come would still have been the same. MIke
  6. Hi, have you got your light fix yet?
  7. Hi, yeah that's OK if you don't mind and have the skills (or not to do it properly). The best place to check for a voltage would be the connector before the bulb holder. That way you'll eliminate the holder or the wiring. Then if you really have to you can take a wire from the other side but make sure you solder and put heatshrink tube over the join. You need to make sure you don't get any water it the joint or it will corrode and then stop working again. Mike.
  8. Hi, I had a similar situation and found the holder to be at fault. Try moving the holder and bulb to the opposite side, if this cures the issue the holder is at fault. As the bulbs are in the holder for many years the tabs that press on the bottom of the bulb get weak and loose there spring so the contact is not what it was. I just went to a scraped one and got a holder and it's now fine. I want to upgrade the lights anyway so didn't see the point in going to Ford for a new one. Hope this helps Mike
  9. New exhaust for a 1.8 Petrol Titanium on a 2008 plate ?

    Hi you can buy and fit just the rear section, it's a bit of work but can be done. There is a clamp you can get from Euro car prats! Can't remember the name of the part off the top of my head but it can be done. Measure how far from the rear you need to cut. Cut where needed then place the two butt joints together put paste round the joint and about 2" down the pipe and then clamp with the part I'm on about. http://www.eurocarparts.com/search/712110860?gclid=CjwKCAjwlrnNBRBMEiwApKU4PD2NmYTHVZ3yOTPjRJGYHB89dNubb2NZjlCvThX0pFJwLGmVbnOb7RoCwvEQAvD_BwE# It's like this but check the size! Hope this helps Mike.
  10. MOT Tomorrow - Focus MK1.5

    Hi, last year I took mine for mot and it cost me £300 + cost of mot! This year cost me £12 + cost of mot. Happy days!! Hope it goes well for you. Mike
  11. ABS Problems 2005 Mark 2 Ford Focus

    Hi, have you checked that there is a 12v supply to the sensor at the connector? Also check that there is resistance on the sensor it's self. Mine had an issue a few weeks ago and found nfs sensor was broken and the loom too the connector on the osf was also broken. Checked on YouTubefor how to test them and sorted the issue within an hour. Hope this helps. Mike
  12. Help with non running engine!

    Hi, I know what you eat about the fuel side of things, however I have fuel to the injectors and cracked of each nut nearest each injector one at a time then got a mate to crank the engine and the fuel has squirted at me. So I know there is fuel at the filter, pump, pipes to injectors and the injectors them selves. Which then led me to believe it was a power or wiring issue. When I get a chance and the weather is better I'll recheck every connector and see what voltages I get to the injectors.
  13. Help with non running engine!

    Hi All, The engine went bang on me some time ago and over the past year I’ve tried to rebuild the engine in amongst doing other things. well the engine is now rebuilt and the car is back in one piece, since I had to remove the engine I planed a major project and removed the wiring loom from the inside of the car to change the heater for an upgraded one with the digital dash. I left the loom for the engine in place and also the loom to the ECU. I rebuilt the interior with a loom from a 4 door car I modified to fit at the rear of the car and put back all the modules I removed. Everything works apart from the fact it seems I’m not getting fuel past the injectors so no start! I have fuel to the injectors and if I spray a small amount of easy start into the intake it tries to start but then dies when I stop spraying. So in my mind if the fuel was getting past the injectors it would start, the timing can't be out or it wouldn’t even try to start. I had to reprogram the injectors as one broke on removal so I then got another one off eBay, I programmed the injectors in the order of 1342 as I'm sure that’s how it’s supposed to be done. I think it's an electrical issue as everything else works fine, it’s probably something stupid like a missed earth or a knackered wire to the injectors... what is the voltage to the injectors? And as I’ve not removed the ECU or its wiring to the engine could something have gone wrong over the past year with no battery fitted? Any thoughts or assistance in solving this problem is much appreciated. Mike
  14. Driver side central locking and window fault

    Hi, it sounds like you may have a broken wire between the body and the door (very common fault) over years of opening and shutting the door the wires split and then snap. If you pull the rubber connector from the socket that goes in to the body of the car and pull it gently towards the door you'll see the wires. I'd look there first. Hope this helps. Mike
  15. Mk 1 Focus Auxillary Belt Tensioner

    They are are not the same, the diesel tensioner has always been an issue on the engine and the cost is ridiculous from Ford and euros. I found one on eBay for about £40 when I needed one so that's where I'd look. I've just had a look and found this one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201925891362