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  1. 1997 Escort Issues?

    Everything gets REALLY hot... That's the problem. I'll check the fan and switch tomorrow morning. What could have failed in the suspension? A rear wheel bearing is on it's way out as it's humming and stuff... Yes, it has a front heated screen... There's little lines going through it and the fuse is there and intact. There is no tension up until the last 3 clicks. I think the cable has broken... I'll fit a new one tomorrow in regards to the indicator unit.
  2. 1997 Escort Issues?

    Hi guys, I'm a new owner. I just bought a Ford Escort Serenade on a P Plate. It's taken to over heating, crabbing and more. Details Below. Overheating: When the vehicle is not being driven at over 30MPH, the engine temperature gets really high. It goes right up to the red section and the fan doesn't come on. There's no mayo on the rad/oil caps and no signs of water loss. The fan doesn't come on at all. Crabbing: I don't know what to do here. When steering straight, it feels like its crabbing at like 5-10 degrees to the right. I don't like it! Front Heated Screen: Doesn't Work. Period, Switch doesnt light up or nothing. Hand break: Again, totally inoperative. Brakes: There's a small amount of brake fluid running from the resevoir to on to the master cylinder. They feel ok though... Headlight flasher/Indicator switch makes the headlights flash whenever you touch it. Anyone got any info