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  1. Drivers Door

    If I use the remote to lock,the light does go out,its only when I use the key it stays on,so as you say there still must be a wiring issue in the door/lock assy.I was hoping not to take the door panel off,but looks like I might have to but will have to wait until the weather gets warmer as I dont have a garage.The other good thing is,the locks now dont try to re-open again when I am driving,so spraying WD40 in the lock must of done something.!
  2. Drivers Door

    Update. I took out the bottom screw holding the door lock and sprayed WD40 in through using a small tube attached and hey presto the door now locks using the key,BUT the interior light wont go out when its locked???Any ideas on this. Thanks again
  3. Key Programe

    Thanks I will try that out.Its not a major probably,but as I have some issues with my central locking at the moment,if I forget to hit the button twice,the car opens all the locks while I am driving and scares the life out of me!!,so I may as well have them all open on one touch and reduce my heart rate a little!!
  4. Key Programe

    At the moment when I press the unlock button the drivers door opens and I have to press it twice to unlock all the doors.Can this be changed to just press the unlock button and all the doors open?
  5. Drivers Door

    Thanks Apex, I will give that a go first with the WD40 trick, before attempting to remove the door panel. Cheers :)
  6. Drivers Door

    Yes it does work using the key in the passenger door, so which tends to point youre theory of it being a wiring problem at the drivers door.I will have a look at the wkend when I have time,light and hopefully good weather.Thanks for the advice.
  7. Drivers Door

    Do you think it could be the loom running through the door/pillar or where the lock is.?Is there a common place that they go?.Thanks
  8. Drivers Door

    Hi, All my doors will unlock using the remote, but if I use the key in the drivers door it only opens that door.Is this a door lock fault in the drivers door or something else????. Thanks Dave Car is Focus 1.6 Zetec 1999
  9. Funny Gauge Needles

    Had battery tested and is ok,but when the cars warm, it tends not to do it.Any other suggestions???
  10. Hard To Start When Cold

    Thanks Mike, will get that checked out.
  11. Hard To Start When Cold

    Yes your right, dont do many miles in it and I dont tend to have anything on untill I start the car.I have got a garage but couldnt get it in last night due to so much snow.I will check the leads etc at the weekend, when its daylight.Thanks again.
  12. Hard To Start When Cold

    Hi, as the weather is now a lot colder, my focus has struggled to start when cold.It used to just fire straight up, but will now take longer. Once its warm, it will start up fine.Any ideas on whats this is?. I have put a new battery on. Thanks Focus 1.6 Zetc 1999
  13. Charging Light

    My car died the other night,battery flat due to the alternator not charging it, so Fitted a new alternator. Now the light comes on when starting and will stay on until I stop the car and restart. Has anyone got any ideas on why this is.Its charing as I have stuck a tester on it, so not sure why its coming on,but will go off if I stop the car and restart????? I have also checked the wiring. Car is a 1.6petrol 01 plate auto .Thanks
  14. Funny Gauge Needles

    Hi, I have noticed that in the mornings when I start my car(Focus 1.6 Zetec), the gauge needles fly off the scale and then back to start and then act normal.If I turn the key to lights on, they act normal,its only when I turn the key they fly right round and back.Im thinking poss battery issue????. Has anyone had this or know why its happeaning.Thanks
  15. Idle Tick Over Problem

    Had the same problem with mine the other week,put a new idle control valve on and was still the same.After some investigation,I found a breather hose split coming of the engine.Replaced and is now running fine.